Zoo Portraits

Zoo Portraits
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verlagsfrische Restauflage - Besorgungsartikel mit längerer Auslieferungszeit - 156 S mit farb Abb gebunden 19 x 19 cm

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Yago Partal
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Partal, YagoYAGO PARTAL hat bildende Kunst an der Universität von Barcelona studiert. Die Idee zu den Zoo Portraits entstand durch ein Kreativprojekt. Aus seiner Begeisterung für Tierwelt, Cartoons und Mode heraus begann er, mit der beliebten Vermenschlichung von Tieren zu experimentieren - geboren war ein Kosmos einzigartiger Kunstwerke. Yago Partals Arbeiten wurden Ausstellungen in Barcelona, London, Tainan, Montreal und Tokio gewidmet. Zu seinen Kunden gehören renommierte Unternehmen wie Apple oder Body Shop.
  • Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch
  • Format: 19 x 19 cm, 156 Seiten
A creative animal atlas - new, unexpected, educational Unique portraits of both familiar and less-known species as you've never seen them before
Lots of fun for everyone interested in animals and anyone who wants to join the movement to help protect them
While a fantastic cause, can the task of protecting animal rights and habitats also be fun? The answer for Spanish photographer Yago Partal is "yes!" as he joyfully embraces important environmental activism with his form of inventive entertainment. His aim is to increase our awareness of animals who need protection-from the Amur leopard to the plains zebra-with his Zoo Portraits project, which launched in 2013. The project presents animals in anthropomorphized form, wearing clothing and accessories that echo the animal's temperament and preferred habitat. It is not Partal's intention to create distance or make light of the animals, but rather to make people think and nudge them to get involved in protecting animals via pictures, education, and awareness. Mission accomplished: Yago Partal's wonderful animal portraits have found a huge audience, with media like CBS and the Daily Mail reporting enthusiastically on the phenomenon. Beautiful, functional products including iPhone cases and even clothes hangers are available for purchase under the Zoo Portraits label. Ten percent of all proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations. The book has the same objective: to make people smile as well as inform them. In addition to the unique pictures, there is information on each animal's habitat, size, and population as well as interesting and surprising facts. Presented in a clear and attractive format, this book is equally exciting for children and adults.

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