Diagraphics; San Martin,M.:Diagraphics; 11.5 in

Diagraphics; San Martin,M.:Diagraphics; 11.5 in
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Macarena San Martin
1692 g

Macarena San Martin studied design at the Catholic University of Chile, her birthplace. Before finishing her studies, she took part in a student exchange in Italy, where her experience and introduction to the world of design was an incentive for her to return to Europe and further her studies. Her destination this time was Barcelona, where she took a post-graduate course in Fashion Styling at BAU. She soon became involved in the world of publishing, thus combining all of her interests-design, fashion, and the written word.
Diagraphics delivers the ultimate word on information graphics design. In the tradition of Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information , Stephen Few's Show Me the Numbers , and Kim Baer's Information Design Workbook , Chilean designer Macarena San Martín offers a definitive look at the cutting edge of clear, powerful design for bar graphs, line graphs, scatterplots, pie charts, area maps, and all manner of modern display graphs. San Martín's Diagraphics is an indispensable resource for twenty-first century datagraphics designers.
Diagraphics is the ultimate book on the latest design ideas for all varieties of graphs. Featured here in full-color illustrations are bar, line, and pie graphs, as well as area harts and modern display graphs. Diagraphics proves that there is life beyond bar graphs with hundreds of modern and sontemporary examples that contradict the premise that organizing information has to be sleep inducing. This is a fundamental tool for designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone presenting or selling a business solution.

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