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A vast land with a grand history, delightful landscapes and a culture well served by the motto "vivre comme Dieu en France", or "live like God in France". Holidaymakers will find that there could hardly be a more apposite expression for the finest weeks of the year. ...
Baedeker - the classic travel guide. Whether on site or when planning the trip, the largest section Sights from A to Z is always a help. Here the reader finds historically rich locations to experience, large and small, with their places of interest, and charming landscapes. Differently coloured Visiting boxes help find restaurants or hotels to suit every budget. There are many theme specials and up- to- date travel information. Highlights also include the unique, three- dimensional depictions. The section on routes suggests interesting and perfectly planned tours that guarantee stress- free excursions. Countless Baedeker tips are what make the trip special. Current background information on the destination, practical information and the map in the pocket of the book jacket complete the Baedeker Allianz travel guide.

A vast land with a grand history, delightful landscapes and a culture well served by the motto >>vivre comme Dieu en France<<, or >>live like God in France<<. Holidaymakers will find that there could hardly be a more apposite expression for the finest weeks of the year. ...
BACKGROUND: Lart de vivre; Facts; Natural Environment; Climate; Flora and Fauna; Population; State and Government; Education; Economy; History; Prehistory and antiquity; The Merovingian and Carolingian Dynasty; From the Treaty of Verdun to absolutism; From Absolutism to Revolution; The French Revolution; The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte; From the Restoration to the First World War; First World War and between the Wars; From the Second World War tothe Fourth Republic; Fifth Republic; Art and Culture; Art History; Traditions; Famous People. PRACTICALITIES: Accommodation; Arrival; Planning the Trip; Beaches; Cycling Holidays; Electricity; Emergency; Etiquette and Customs; Festivals, Holidays and Events; Food and Drink; Health; Hiking and Mountain Climbing; Houseboating; Information; Language; Literature; Maps; Military Cemeteries; Money; Museums and Chateaux; Nature Reserves; Newspapers and Magazines; Personal Safety; Post and Communications; Prices and Discount; Shopping; Son et Lumiere; Sport and Outdoors; The Great Summer Spectacle; Time; Transport; Travellers with Disabilities; Wellness; Winter Sports; When to Go; Young Travellers. TOURS: Travelling in France; Tour 1: The North; Tour 2: The Burgundy Tour; Tour 3: From Paris to the Atlantic; Tour 4: Through the Auvergne to the Pyrenees; Tour 5: Route des Grandes Alpes; France at Five Mph. SIGHTS FROM A to Z: Aix-en-Provence; Albi; Alsace and the Vosges; Amboise; Amiens; Andorra; Angers; Antibes & Juan-les-Pins; Arles; Auvergne; Avignon; 3D: Palais des Papes; Besancon; Blois; Bordeaux; Bourges; Brest; Bretagne; Brittany; Riddles of the Stone Age; Burgundy; Bourgogne; Caen; Camargue; Cannes; Carcassonne; Cevennes; Cevennes; Chamonix; Mont Blanc; Champagne-Ardenne; Wine of Kings, King of Wines; Chartres; Clermont-Ferrand; Colmar; Cote d'Azur; Cote Basque; Dauphine; Dijon; Disneyland Resort Paris; Franche-Comte; Jura; Gascogne; Gascony; Grenoble; Ile de France; Languedoc-Roussillon; The Freed Souls; La Rochelle; Le Havre; Le Mans; Le Puy-en-Velay; Lille; Limoges; Limousin; Loire Valley; 3D: Chateau de Chambord; Lorraine; An expensive Mistake; Lot Valley; Vallee du Lot; Lourdes; Lyon; Marseille; Metz; Monaco; Montpellier; Mont Saint-Michel; 3D: Abbaye du Mont St-Michel; Mulhouse; Nancy; Nantes; Nice; Nimes; Normandy; Operation Overlord; Orange; Orleans; Paris; 3D: Notre-Dame de Paris; Perigord; Dordogne Valley; Perigueux; Stone Age Art Galleries; Perpignan; Picardie; Nord-Pas-de-Calais; Poitiers; Poitou; Vendee; Charentes; Provence; Pyrenees; Les Pyrenees; Reims; Rennes; Rouen; Saint-Aetienne; Saint-Malo; The Pull of the Tides; Savoy; Savoie; Strasbourg; Toulon; Toulouse; Tours; Troyes; The Pilgrim Staff and Scallop Shells; Valence; Vendome; Verdun; Versailles; 3D: Chateau de Versailles; Vienne; Index; List of Maps and Illustrations; Photo Credits; Publisher's Information.

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