Genetics from Laboratory to Society: Societal Learning as an Alternative to Regulation (Health Technology and Society)
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Genetics from Laboratory to Society: Societal Learning as an Alternative to Regulation (Health Technology and Society)

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GERARD DE VRIES is Professor and Chair of Philosophy of Science at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and a Member of the Council of the Scientific Council for Government Policy, The Hague - the official think-tank for the Dutch government. His publications include De Ontwikkeling van Wetenschap ( 3rd edition published 1995), Zeppelins - over filosofie, technologie en cultuur (1999), and Wetenschapsfilosofie voor Geesteswetenschappen ( 2nd edition published 2002).

KLASIEN HORSTMAN is Socrates Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Bioengineering at the Technical University Eindhoven, the Netherlands and Associate Professor of Sociology and Philosophy of Health Technologies at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. Among recent publications are books in Dutch on women, eggs and genes ( 2004), and on the politics of prevention of coronary heart disease ( 2005). She has also published in English Life Insurance, Health Risks and Citizenship in the Netherlands 1880-1920 ( 2001).
1 Great topical interest in the whole issue of the genome and the potential for genetic testing
2 Issues of ethics and social and legal aspects of genetic testing are growing teaching and research interests
3 Every contribution includes original empirical research and case studies of the construction use and role of genetic tests re diagnosis, insurance, screening programmes, workplace behaviour
4 A new approach suggests a societal learning method towards coping with the pressures of genetic testing, rather than the current reliance on regulation
Notes on Contributors
The 'Unknown' Practice of Genetic Testing; Vries
Constructing Results in Prenatal Diagnosis; Beyond Technological Testing and Moral Decision Making; M.van Zwieten
Genetic Diagnostics for Hereditary Breast Cancer - Displacement of Uncertainty and Responsibility; M.Boenink
Lifestyle, Genes and Cholesterol: New Struggles about Responsibility and Solidarity; K.Horstman
Detecting Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Escaping the Family History?; K.Horstman & C.Smand
Genetics and Insurance: New Technologies, New Policies, New Responsibilities; I.van Hoyweghen
Work, Health and Genetics: Problems of Regulation in a Changing Society;R.Benschop & Vries
Genetic Risks and Justice in the Workplace: The End of the Protection Paradigm?; R.Vos
Learning From The Work That Links Laboratory to Society; Vries & K.Horstman