Roots in the African Dust: Sustaining the Sub-Saharan Drylands
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Roots in the African Dust: Sustaining the Sub-Saharan Drylands

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ungelesen sehr guter Zustand Rechnung mit MwSt unused unread very good condition Bestellungen bis 15 Uhr werden am gleichen Werktag verschickt_________The image of Africa in the modern world has come to be shaped by perceptions of the drylands and their problems of poverty drought degradation and famine Michael Mortimore offers an alternative and revisionist thesis dismissing on theoretical and empirical grounds the conventional view of runaway desertification driven by population growth and inappropriate land use In its place he suggests a more optimistic model of sustainable land use based on researched case studies from East and West Africa where indigenous technological adaptation has put population growth and market opportunities to advantage He also proposes a more appropriate set of policy priorities to support dryland peoples in their efforts to sustain land and livelihoods The result is a remarkably clear synthesis of much of the best work that has emerged over past years

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Michael Mortimore
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A revisionist study of dryland Africa which synthesises much of the best work of the past decade.
1. Introduction; 2. Global perspectives on Africa's drylands; 3. A smallholder's perspective; 4. Risk in the rangelands; 5. Risk for the farmer; 6. Risk for the household; 7. Degradation; 8. Intensification; 9. Conservation; 10. Systems in transition.