New Directions in Higher Educa
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New Directions in Higher Educa

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Higher education is a complex package of issues which never seems to leave the limelight. The primary wedge issues are tuition cost, access, accountability, financial aid, government funding, sports and their place within higher education, academic results, and continuing education. This book examines various issues concerning Higher education.
Understanding Novice Programmers Difficulties as a Requirement to Specifying Effective Learning Environments; Higher Education in Transition: Horizontal and Vertical Patterns of Diversity; Building Lifelong Learning Opportunities in the Knowledge Society: Implications for the Academy; The Effects of Public Policy on Individuals Participation in Higher Education: Cases from the GI Bill; Meditation, Spirituality and Educational Leadership; Self-Worth Protection Strategies in Higher Educational Students: Exploring a Model of Predictors and Consequences; Quality Assurance in Engineering Courses: What Factors Determine Undergraduate Study Progress and Time to Degree; The Measurement of the Teaching Quality of Higher Education Institutions: What Do Reputational Rankings and Performance Indicators Tell Us?; Accountability and Assessment: New Era of Japanese Higher Education; Enabling Collaborative Work in Higher Education: A Case Study Analysis of Exemplary Redesigned Institutions; The Menace of Cultism in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions; Persistence within Major Field among College Freshmen; Index.