Reportage - International Magazine of Photojournalism - Special Issue 1 Spring 1997

ISSN 1350-4010; Special issue in association with the International Federation of Journalists on the occasion of the European Year Against Racism and Xenophobia;
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Neuware Rechnung mit MwSt new item Bestellungen bis 15 Uhr werden am gleichen Werktag verschickt Reportage founded by Colin Jacobson was dedicated to the sort of photojournalism thought inappropriate for lifestyle magazines at the time for advertisers to consider Handsome in black and white and judicious editorial red it promoted the excellence of images by world photographers images qualified by text It's stories were about the getting of stories and the aftermath of news stories with an emphasis on the socially important issues of the 90s In this issue Under a Chinese cloud Manuel Bauer travelled nearly 2 500 miles photographing the Chinese presence and influence in Tibet His reportage provides disturbing visual evidence of how the culture and identity of a centuries-old people are being progressively eroded Troubled waters Thanks to overfishing by foreign trawlers the fishermen of Senegal are facing extreme hardship Gideon Mendel put to sea to photograph a threatened way of life The sadness of S-21 The catacomb-like heaps of bones exhumed from Cambodia's killing fields are a familiar if grisly sight but they are victims without faces Less well-known are the prisoners of 'S-21' photographed by the Khmer Rouge Covert operations Patricia Strathern talks to Michael von Graffenried one of the few photojournalists willing to report the civil war in Algeria Neighbourhood watch Johannesburg has one of the highest crime rates in the world an a ferocious gang scene to go with it Jodi Bieber a young South African photographer spent several months hanging round with the homeboys Lost and found the last Greeks of Istanbul Despite years of official discrimination a tiny Greek minority continues to live in Turkey's ancient capital Istanbul But when Costa Sakellariou started photographing the community the Turkish authorities took a distinctly unhealthy interest The fog of war The Bosnian War was a gift for the media and they made it the most extensively covered conflict in history So why asks television reporter Peter Morgan did that fail to make us understand it any more clearly

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Simon Esterson Colin Jacobson
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