Time Frames: City Pictures

Time Frames: City Pictures
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CITY PICTURES . 2002 . 112 PP. ILLUSTRATIONS . 314 x 262 MM . ;
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Neuware original eingeschweisst new item still sealed Bestellungen bis 15 Uhr werden am gleichen Werktag verschickt Documenting the past quarter century on the streets of New York City this collection uses various technical processes - Panoramas Grids Portraits Multi-Exposures and Diptychs - to highlight the distinctive vibe of urban living By applying the rigors of experimentation to the uncertainties and chance encounters of the street Spano s images make strange incidents out of commonplace moments revealing the odd nature of the daily world An exploration of spatial and temporal dimensions this book is destined to receive massive attention in the national press

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Time Frames, Micael Spano's long-awaited first monograph, catalogues the artist's exploration of spatial and temporal dimensions in photography. The book is divided into five chapters: Panoramas, Grids, Portraits, Multi-Exposures, and Diptychs; each employs a distinctive technical process to provide a new way of looking at life in New York City. Panoramas (1977-1983) show interacting urbanites moving through elongated frames as the lens of an extremely wide field camera pans during exposure. Grids (1980-1990) captures eight moments on a single negative as Spano moves through a sequence of events, pre-determinedly exposing a portion of the grid every four seconds. Portraits (1984-1990) focus on individual inhabitants transformed and etched out from their settings through the solarization and blurring forms into an atmospheric world. Multi-Exposures (1985-1998) combine solarizations with multiple perspectives. These single-negative layered compositions orchestrate and compress selected intervals of time and space into one image. Diptychs (1998-1999) fuse two distinct moments on one negative where scale, focal planes, and perspectives shift and comprise a dual image of urban spaces.

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