Emerging Research Directions in Social Entrepreneurship
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Emerging Research Directions in Social Entrepreneurship

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Larry Pate
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This book takes an inside-out approach to examine the broad topic of social entrepreneurship. Instead of looking inward at what social entrepreneurship is, this book looks forward from the view of successful social entrepreneurs to answer the important question, "Where is social entrepreneurship going next?" First, the volume looks at the essential qualities of social entrepreneurs, including the importance of humility as a trait in the social entrepreneur, the way in which social entrepreneurs define themselves as such, and if and how opportunity recognition differs in social and traditional entrepreneurs. Next, the volume looks at the impact of social entrepreneurial businesses on individuals but also on the supply chain, other businesses and the wider community. Next, the book explores social entrepreneurship and global change. This rare and compelling section, offers key insights and lessons in the development and promotion of social entrepreneurship in the global economy. This volume addresses both theory and research, suggesting practical solutions. It engages scholars and practitioners across disciplines in an examination and debate about various methods and approaches of enacting programs of social change.
Identifies key personality and character traits of successful social entrepreneurs
Framing the Inquiry into Emerging Research Directions in Social Entrepreneurship; Charles Wankel and Larry Pate.- Part I Essential Qualities of Social Entrepreneurs.- Humility in Social Entrepreneurship: A Virtuous Circle; Catalin Ratiu, Troy R. Nielson, and Bennett Cherry Voices in the Fog: Accounts of Social Entrepreneurship Identity in the UK Third Sector
Chris Mason.- Part II The Wider Impact of Social Entrepreneurship.- Opportunities for Social Value Creation across Supply Chain Interactions; Jennifer L. Woolley.- Social Enterprises and the Financing of different Scaling Strategies Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl and Stephan A. Jansen

Creating Public Value: An Examination of Technological Social Enterprise; Thema Monroe-White.- A Replicable Evaluation Method of Social Entrepreneurship Centers and Programs; Noushi Rahman and Rebecca Tekula.- Part III Social Entrepreneurship and Global Change.- Innovation Ecosystems in Brazil: Promoting Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability;
Ana Cristina O. Siqueira, Mario P. Monzoni, Sandra R. H. Mariano, Joysi Moraes, Paulo D. Branco, and Ana M. Coelho.- Social Entrepreneurship in the Arab World: Lessons from Lebanon; Dima Jamali and Liya Kreidie.- Evolutionary Dynamics of Organizational Legitimacy of a Social Enterprise in a Developing Economy.- Sougata Ray and Anjan Ghosh.- Developing Businesses and Fighting Poverty: Critical Reflections on the Theories and Practices of CSR, CSV, and Inclusive Business; Mara Del Baldo.- Index.

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