Mechanically Gated Channels and their Regulation
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Mechanically Gated Channels and their Regulation

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Andre Kamkin
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The volume dwells on the major issues of mechanical stress influencing the ion channels and intracellular signaling pathways. This book is a unique collection of reviews outlining current knowledge and future developments in this rapidly growing field. In our opinion the book presents not only the latest achievements in the field but also brings the problem closer to the experts in related medical and biological sciences as well as practicing doctors. Knowledge of the mechanisms which underlie these processes is necessary for understanding of the normal functioning of different living organs and tissues and allows to predict changes, which arise due to alterations of their environment, and possibly will allow to develop new methods of artificial intervention. We also hope that presenting the problem will attract more attention to it both from researchers and practitioners and will assist to efficiently introduce it into the practical medicine.
A welcome single-source study of molecular mechanisms for mechanosensing and mechanotransduction in cells, this book includes the latest research and focuses on key issues of mechanical stress influencing ion channels and intracellular signaling pathways.
One book provides a detailed description of molecular mechanisms of mechanosensing and mechanotransduction in different cells.
One book brings together a comprehensive outline of modern vision of structure and functions of mechanically gated channels.

It provides a wide and detailed description of various signaling pathways, which contribute to mechanosensitity and mechanotrasduction.
Foreword by Maik Gollasch.- Editorial, Andre Kamkin and Ilya Lozinsky.- Contributors.- 1 Force from lipids: A multidisciplinary approach to study bacterial mechanosensitive ion channels, Charles G. Cranfield, Anna Kloda, Takeshi Nomura, Evgeny Petrov, Andrew Battle, Maryrose Constantine, and Boris Martinac.- 2 Mechanosensitive K2P channels, TREKking through the autonomic nervous system,.J. Antonio Lamas.- 3 TRPV1 in cell signaling: molecular mechanisms of function and modulation, Andrés Jara-Oseguera and Tamara Rosenbaum.- 4 The Molecular Mechanism of Multifunctional Mechano-Gated Channel TRPV4, Makoto Suzuki and Astuko Mizuno.- 5 Mechanical stretch and intermediate-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels in arterial smooth muscle cells, Yasunobu Hayabuchi, Miho Sakata, Tatsuya Ohnishi, and Shoji Kagami.- 6 Sensing mechanism of stretch activated ion channels, Naomi Niisato and Yoshinori Marunaka.- 7 Ion channels in cardiac fibroblasts: Link to mechanically gated channels and their regulation, Denis V. Abramochkin, Ilya Lozinsky, and Andre Kamkin.- 8 The role of nitric oxide in the regulation of ion channels in the cardiomyocytes: Link to mechanically gated channels, Ekaterina Yu. Makarenko, Ilya Lozinsky, Andre Kamkin.- 9 The Role of Ion Channels in Cellular Mechanotransduction of Hydrostatic Pressure, Kevin D. Champaigne and Jiro Nagatomi.- 10 Lipid-mediated mechanisms involved in the mechanical activation of TRPC6 and TRPV4 channels in the vascular tone regulation, Ryuji Inoue, Yaopeng Hu, Yubin Duan, and Kyohei Itsuki.- 11 Stretch effects on atrial conduction: a potential contributor to arrhythmogenesis, Michela Masè and Flavia Ravelli.- 12 Early activation of intracellular signals after myocardial stretch: Anrep effect, myocardial hypertrophy and heart failure, Horacio E. Cingolani, María C. Villa-Abrille, Claudia I. Caldiz, Irene L. Ennis, Oscar H. Cingolani, Patricio E. Morgan, Ernesto A. Aiello, and Néstor Gustavo Pérez.- 13 Recent aspects of angiotensin II action in the heart. Implications for myocardial ischemia and heart failure, Walmor C De Mello.- 14 Mechanosensitivity of pancreatic beta-cells, adipocytes, and skeletal muscle cells: the therapeutic targets of metabolic syndrome, Koichi Nakayama, Yoshiyuki Tanabe, Kazuo Obara, and Tomohisa Ishikawa.- 15 The role of the primary cilium in chondrocyte response to mechanical loading, Angus KT Wann, CL Thompson, and Martin M Knight.- Index

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