The Academic Profession in Europe
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The Academic Profession in Europe

New Tasks and New Challenges
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Barbara M. Kehm
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244x162x20 mm
5, The Changing Academy - The Changing Academic Profession in International Comparative Perspective

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Teichler ist Geschäftsführender Direktor des Wissenschaftlichen Zentrums für Berufs- und Hochschulforschung der Universität Kassel.
This book is the first of several with the results of a collaborative European project supported by the European Science Foundation on changes in the academic profession in Europe (EUROAC). It provides a short description of the ESF EUROHESC programme and the particular forms of international collaborative research projects which are funded under the umbrella of this programme. It then outlines the EUROAC project. This project has chosen three foci (governance, professionalisation, academic careers) to analyse changes in the work of the academic profession. The first results in the form of in-depth literature reviews constitute the content of the book. These eight literature reviews about the state of the art of existing research feature the various dimensions of the overall theme. A particular emphasis is put on factors leading to changes in the work tasks of the academic profession in Europe and how the academic profession is coping with these new challenges.Thus, the book provides a state of the art account of existing research about the following themes: main results of previous studies on the academic profession; the academic profession and their interaction with new higher education professionals; professional identities in higher education; extending work tasks: civic mission and sustainable development; academic careers in academic markets; the changing role of academics in the face of rising managerialism; the influence of quality assurance, governance, and relevance on the satisfaction of the academic profession.
The first of several volumes analyzing data from a Europe-wide study of the academic professions, this book comprises in-depth literature reviews based on the project's threefold thematic focus on governance, professionalization, and academic careers.
Introduction; Barbara M. Kehm and Ulrich Teichler .- 1. Professional Identity in Higher Education; Marie Clarke, Abbey Hyde and Jonathan Drennan .- 2. The Academic Profession in the Light of Comparative Surveys; Ester Höhle and Ulrich Teichler .- 3. The Changing Role of Academics and the Rise of Managerialism; Abbey Hyde, Marie Clarke and Jonathan Drennan .- 4. The New Higher Education Professionals; Christian Schneijderberg and Nadine Merkator .- 5. Academic Markets, Academic Careers: Where do we Stand?; Gaële Goastellec, Elke Park, Gülay Ates and Kevin Toffel .- 6. Internationalisation and the Academic Labour Market; Carole Probst and Gaële Goastellec .- 7. Academic Profession: Quality Assurance, Governance, Relevance, and Satisfaction; Luminita Moraru, Mirela Praisler, Simona Alecu Marin and Cristina Corina Bentea .- 8. Facing New Expectations: Integrating Third Mission Activities into the University; Bojana Culum, Nena Roncevic and Jasminka Ledic .- Index.

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