Higher Education in Portugal 1974-2009
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Higher Education in Portugal 1974-2009

A Nation, a Generation
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Guy Neave
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A comprehensive, wide ranging and detailed account of the unfolding of higher education and higher education policy in Portugal from 1974 to 2009 by leading policy-makers and scholars, with the explicit purpose of showing how different disciplinary canons and perspectives contribute to the study of higher education and higher education policy including Law and Science Policy perspectives. Whilst focusing on one referential system, this book deals with current policy issues emerging in the wake of the post Bologna period. It also examines their long term historical origins in addition to the measures taken to address them. The substantive chapters are preceded by a detailed Introductory overview that places the issues treated in this volume in a solidly European perspective and sets out explicitly the differences in the dominant political, cultural and social values that set Portuguese as other Continental European systems of higher education apart from their Anglo Saxon counterparts.
This volume offers a comprehensive account of higher education policy in Portugal from 1974 to 2009. The text illustrates how different disciplinary canons and perspectives contribute to the study of higher education and higher education policy, including Law and Science Policy perspectives.
Preface.- List of Contributors.- About the Editors.- About the Authors.- 1. Introduction: On Exceptionalism: the Nation, a Generation and Higher Education. Portugal 1974-2009; Guy Neave and Alberto Amaral.- Part I. Shaping the Nation. - 2. National Identity and Higher Education: From the Origins till 1974; José Manuel Sobral.- 3. University, Society and Politics; Luis Reis Torgal.- 4. Cultural and Educational Heritage, Social Structure and Quality of Life; José Madureira Pinto.- 5. From an Agrarian Society to a Knowledge Economy? The Rising Importance of Education to the Portuguese Economy, 1950-2009; Álvaro Santos Pereira and Pedro Lains.- Part II. Shaping Higher Learning. - 6. From University to Diversity: The Making of Portuguese Higher Education; Ana Nuñes de Almeida and Maria Manuel Vieira.- 7. Changing Legal Regimes and the Fate of Autonomy in Portuguese Universities; Maria Eduarda Gonçalvez.- 8. Science and Technology in Portugal: From Late Awakening to the Challenge of Knowledge Integrated Communities; Manuel Heitor and Hugo Horta.- 9. Governance, Public Management and Administration of Higher Education in Portugal; António M. Magalhães and Rui Santiago.- 10. Quality, Evaluation and Accreditation: from Steering, through Compliance, on to Enhancement and Innovation?; Maria J. Rosa and Cláudia S. Sarrico.- 11. The Impacts of Bologna and of the Lisbon Agenda; Amélia Veiga and Alberto Amaral.- Part III. Shaping the Institutional Fabric. - 12. Patterns of Institutional Management: Democratisation, Autonomy and the Managerialist Canon; Licíno C. Lima.- 13. The Changing Public-Private Mix in Higher Education: Analysing Portugal's apparent Exceptionalism; Pedro N. Teixeira.- 14. Shaping the 'new' Academic Profession: Tensions and Contradictions in the Professionalisation of Academics; Teresa Carvalho.- 15. The Rise of the Administrative Estate in Portuguese Higher Education; Maria de Lourdes Machado and Maria Luisa Cerdeira.- 16. The Student Estate; Madalena Fonseca.- Index.