Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Originaltitel:Diagnostische und interventionelle Radiologie
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Thomas J. Vogl
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This exceptional book covers all aspects of diagnostic and interventional radiology within one volume, at a level appropriate for the specialist. From the basics through diagnosis to intervention: the reader will find a complete overview of all areas of radiology. The clear, uniform structure, with chapters organized according to organ system, facilitates the rapid retrieval of information. Features include:

Presentation of the normal radiological anatomy
Classification of the different imaging procedures according to their diagnostic relevance
Imaging diagnosis with many reference images
Precise description of the interventional options
The inclusion of many instructive aids will be of particular value to novices in decision making:

Important take home messages and summaries of key radiological findings smooth the path through the jungle of facts
Numerous tables on differential diagnosis and typical findings in the most common diseases offer a rapid overview and orientation
Diagnostic flow charts outline the sequence of diagnostic evaluation
All standard procedures within the field of interventional radiology are presented in a clinically relevant and readily understandable way, with an abundance of illustrations. This is a textbook, atlas, and reference in one: with more than 2500 images for comparison with the reader's own findings. This comprehensive and totally up-to-date book provides a superb overview of everything that the radiology specialist of today needs to know .
Covers the entire spectrum of radiology in one exceptional volume
Part I: General Aspects.- Part II: Neuroradiology.- Part III: Head and Neck.- Part IV: Thorax, Mediastinum, Pleura.- Part V: Mamma.- Part VI: Heart and Vessels.- Part VII: Gastrointestinal Tract.- Part VIII: Genitourinary System.- Part IX: Bones and Joints.