Unmasking the Propaganda:

The Influence of Theatre for Development on 'Theatricians' in the Niger Delta
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Adefolaju Adeseke
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Adeseke, AdefolajuAdefolaju Adeseke is a theatre scholar whose areas of interest are Creative Writing, Applied Theatre and Dramatic Theory and Criticism. Dr. Adeseke has been involved in manyTfD interventions in Ekiti. He has published two books and has directed over twenty plays. He is currently the Head, Department of Theatre and Media Arts, EKSU, Ado-Ekiti.
The Niger Delta region of Nigeria had been bedeviled with lots of crises in the past which is associated with oil exploration and exploitation. The attempts of the people of the region to force the government to address their plight of environmental degradation which engendered poverty and other untoward sufferings led to outbreak of insurgency and its attendant woes. Although the tide of the insurgency was stemmed by Yar'Adua's extension of Amnesty to the Niger Delta insurgents, there are still pockets of unrest in the region due to the prevalent sufferings closely associated with oil exploration. This book investigates the veracity of claims on the Niger Delta issue through theatrical performances emanating from that region which claimed that only the Federal government and oil multi-nationals are culpable in the crisis and underdevelopment of the region. The research rested its operations on Theatre for Development (TfD) praxis as a sine qua non for resolving crisis in the Niger Delta and jolting the people to look inward for developmental issues. The research concludes that the Niger Delta problems are more of internal colonialism than that of external one.

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