Duet of Tears

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Anna Banasiak
180 g
220x150x6 mm

Banasiak, AnnaI'm a writer and occupational therapist.My poems have been published in New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada, India, Africa, Japan, China, Israel. I'm the winner of poetry competitions in London, Berlin, Bratislava. I'm the winner of gold, silver and bronze medal on All Poetry. I'm the winner of poetry competitions on Poems and Quotes.
William Willis Lovely poem depicting your dear mother. Mother's home baking....cant beat it. Kinda takes one back to safe childhood memories. Nishu Mathur A fine read, beautiful, poignant, a touching tribute to your mother and all mothers. Lovely poetic expressions. You're a great poet.Your poetry is a masterpiece.Malgorzata Skwarek-Galeska This is true poetry.Such deep lyrics rarely happens.It should be published.Hanna Prosnak Poems are excellent! You have a chance to become an outstanding poet. Malgorzata Skwarek-Galeska Nishu Mathur This is beautiful and very moving to read. Lovely, wistful work. A warm, loving read. A beautiful tribute written with flair:) Mariko Sumikura Readers will shed tears for the beauty of true love. Edwin Jepson a wonderful read, this poem will touch many a heart Nishu Mathur Such lovely images and metaphors.Fabulous.