Contextual Approaches in Sociology

Contextual Approaches in Sociology

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Adela Elena Popa
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Adela Elena Popa is an Associate Professor at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Romania. She is interested in the study of community and health related issues.
Hasan Arslan is an Associate Professor at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey. His research interests include educational administration, higher education policy, student leadership and multicultural education.
Mehmet Ali Icbay is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey. His main interests are rooted in the ethnomethodological account of social organization in classroom settings.
Tomas Butvilas currently teaches social research methodology related courses for MA and PhD students in Lithuania.
Contextual Approaches in Sociology is a collection of essays on a wide range of sociological issues written by researchers from several different institutions. The volume presents applications of grounded theory, social capital, education, social rituals and gender issues. It will appeal to a wide range of academic leadership, including educators, researchers, social students and teachers, who wish to develop personally and professionally. It will also be useful to all those who interact with students and teachers in a sociological context.
Contextual Approaches in Sociology is a collection of research papers on a wide range of sociological issues written by educators and researchers from several different institutions.
Contents: Zafer Koylu/Sadet Altay: Health Propaganda During The Ataturk Period - Ayça Demir Gürdal: Reflecting upon the testimonies of child sexual abuse victims - Çigdem Yel: Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Turkey: A Grounded Theory approach - Aytul Kasapoglu: Applications of Grounded Theory in Sociology: Some Methodological considerations - Alev Akbal/Aytul Kasapoglu: A Grounded Theory Approach To The Study of Caring Interaction in Turkey - A. Çigdem Kirel/Seda Topgül: Analysis of the Relationship Between Social Capital, Motivation, and Performance Management in the Banking Sector - DenIz Askin: Social Exclusion and Cultural Closeness Among the First Generation Kurdish Immigrants - Elif Merve Alpak/Doruk Gorkem/Ozkan Ali Ozbilen: Determination of the Relationship between Performance and User Preference On Campus Open Spaces through Post Occupancy Evaluation - Engin Üngüren/Mehmet Bayirli: Foreign inhabitants' perceptions of Turkey: The Alanya Case - E. Esen Kaleli/G. Cankiz Elibol: Housing Practices for Disabled People in Turkey - Fatime Yalinkiliç/Pelin Budak: The Sociology of Sociology as a Reflective Analysis of the Changes in Sociological Doctoral Theses - Fatumatu Zehra Ercan/Aysel Tekgöz: The Social and Spatial Impact of Resettlement: The Case of YesIlyurt District in Malatya - Feray Artar: A Grounded Theory Essay: City Councils in Turkey and The Uniqueness of Participation - Gülhan DemIrIz/Tugba Sari: Women's Experiences of Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment: Reflections on the Professionals' Attitudes and Their Relations with Women - Özlem Duva: Feminist Epistemology and the Problem of Masculinity - Giuseppe Luca De Luca Picione: Making Knowledge Work in a Learning Community. A New Role for University and Local Government - Guliz Mugan Akinci: Participation of Youth in the Decision-Making Process for the Design and Planning of Urban Public Spaces: The Case of a Street and a Shopping Mall - Hülya OrkI: High School Student's Perceptions of Crime and Violence: Eskisehir Sample - Ilbey Dölek: A Sociological Analysis of Social Discrimination Against Widowed and Divorcee Women: Kahramanmaras Case - Kübra Küçüksen/Ayhan Uludag/M. Metin Sener: Being a Woman in the Grip of War and Migration - Maide Gök: Impact of Gender on Production of Social Capital in Working Life and the Role of Social Capital on the Reduction of Gender Inequalities - Meryem Küçük: Social Sciences as a Department Which Legitimises Globalisation - Nazar Bal/Aytul Kasapoglu: Involuntary Childlessness: A Grounded Theory Approach For Developing a Model of Reproductive Health - Ozge Celik/Ozhan Ertekin: Barrier Free or Social Free - Pinar Kaya Özçelik/Mirace Karaca: The Case of Social Exclusion in the Context of the Crisis and the Restructuring of the Welfare State - Pinar Yazgan/Sevim Atila Demir: Turkish Ethnic Minority and Social Capital: The Case of Denmark - Mehmet Kayhan Mutlu/Gaye Baris: Perceptions of Female Prisoners of Violence Against Women - Secil Ozdemir Metlioglu: Rural Poverty: The Mugla Gunluce Village Example - Seda Ozlu/Sinem Dedeoglu/Dilek Beyazli: Understanding/Interpreting Social Structure Of Rural Settlements Using Participatory Techniques - Serap Fiso: Social Factors Associated With Suicide Among War Veterans in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Serdar Ünal: Foreign Immigrants/Immigration and Refugee Issue in Turkey: If the Guests

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