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The Standard Model and Beyond

118, Springer Proceedings in Physics
Proceedings of the 2nd Int. Summer School in High Energy Physics, Mugla, 25-30 September 2006
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This is the Proceedings of the Second International Summer School in High Energy Physics, focusing on “Standard Model and Beyond”, we have held in M¯ gla, Turkey, on 25–30 September 2006. The participants were mostly graduate and post-graduate students (about 50) working on the experimental and phenomenological problems. The s- dents were mostly Turkish, and there were some from Azerbaijan. In addition to excellent tutorial lectures on the Standard Model and the GrandUni?cation,therewereexposuresonthecurrentdevelopmentsonheavy ?avor physics, the physics at LHC, recent experimental data coming from BABAR and BELLE, as well as neutrino oscillations data, which were p- sented by the senior spoke-persons of TEXONO Collaboration. Encouraged by the success of this year’s event, as well as the preceding one, we are planning to make this school an annual event, with substantial - ternational student participation, and with special focus to those from central Asian countries. Wethinkweowealottothevenuewheretheeventhasbeenheld. Thes- cial location of the convention center where the event has been held, G¨ okova, within half an hour driving distance from Ephesus and Milethos, has been superbly praised by the international participants. These great heritages from antique Ionia are the home of some of our founding fathers of western ci- lization and science, from Thales to Heraklitos. There is another event which already gained the status of a world event, namely the G¨ okova School on Geometry and Topology which uses the same venue. This success story plays a weighted role in our encouragement.
This volume collects the edited tutorial lectures given at The Second International Summer School in High Energy Physics in Mugla, Turkey, in September 2006 - an annual event with international participation and a special focus on work done in the regions of central Asia. With emphasis on the standard model and beyond, lectures were devoted to presenting an introduction and update to many relevant topics.
to Chiral Perturbation Theory.- to Higgs Sector: Theory and Phenomenology.- Heavy Flavor and B Physics.- CP Violation: Experimental Results in B Decays.- Worldline Formalism and It’s Application to AdS/CFT Correspondence.- Course on Grand Unification.- Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics: Highlights.

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Autor: Takhamsib Aliev
ISBN-13 :: 9783540736219
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