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Transparent Conductive Zinc Oxide

104, Springer Series in Materials Science
Basics and Applications in Thin Film Solar Cells
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Zinc oxide is a widely applied material in industry. It is produced in h- dreds of thousands of tons for paints (chinese white), additive for rubber and plastics, catalysts, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (sun creams), or as coating material for paper. In electronics industry ZnO is used in nick- or manganese–zinc ferrites, as ingredient of phosphors, in surface-acoustic wave ?lters and as a transparent electrode. Zinc oxide is a wide bandgap compound semiconductor (E =3. 2eV) which has been investigated as an g electronic material for many decades, starting in the 1930s. It belongs to the class of transparent conducting oxides (TCO). The other important oxides areindium and tin oxide. Recently, fundamentaland appliedresearchon zinc oxide experienced a renaissance due to the prospective use of zinc oxide as an optoelectronic material for blue and UV lasers. Moreover, thin ZnO ?lms are important components in most thin ?lm solar cells. The cost-e?ective large-scaleproduction of these ?lms on the one hand and the development of ZnO ?lms with improved properties on the other hand are key challenges in the ?eld of production and R&D in photovoltaics. Renewable energies are one or even the only answer to provide the world energy demand on the long term in a sustainable way. Moreover,the world is facing climate changes due to green house gas emissions, and the limitation of these emissions is one of the key challenges of the global society.
Zinc oxide (ZnO) belongs to the class of transparent conducting oxides that can be used as transparent electrodes in electronic devices or heated windows. In this book the material properties of, the deposition technologies for, and applications of zinc oxide in thin film solar cells are described in a comprehensive manner. Structural, morphological, optical and electronic properties of ZnO are treated in this review.
ZnO and Its Applications.- Electrical Properties.- Optical Properties of ZnO and Related Compounds.- Surfaces and Interfaces of Sputter-Deposited ZnO Films.- Magnetron Sputtering of ZnO Films.- Zinc Oxide Grown by CVD Process as Transparent Contact for Thin Film Solar Cell Applications.- Pulsed Laser Deposition of ZnO-Based Thin Films.- Texture Etched ZnO:Al for Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells.- Chalcopyrite Solar Cells and Modules.

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Autor: Klaus Ellmer
ISBN-13 :: 9783540736127
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