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Autor: Basil T. Wong
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Thermal Transport for Applications in Micro/Nanomachining

Microtechnology and MEMS
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As the advances in nanosciences and nanotechnology open ways to new engineering concepts, understanding and modeling thermal transport at nanoscales are becoming crucial for the success of future applications and discoveries. Traditional transport theories are typically applicable to bulk objects. Among all, the Fourier law of heat transfer and the Ohm law of electricity are valid for relatively large systems, as opposed to the molecular regime where both continuum and local thermodynamic equilibrium appro- mationsbecomequestionable. Withtheincreasingfocusonsmallerlengthand shorter time scales, the intricate e?ects of energy carriers, including elect- magneticwaves,electrons,andphonons,needto be consideredinthe analyses of transport phenomena. The development of new theories requires a kno- edge of the true physics concerning these energy carriers and corresponding scattering mechanisms. In addition to theory, future engineers need to be exposed to approximations, models, and solution methodologies to tackle the complexities of these new and challenging applications. The focus of this monographis on thermal transport modeling from na- to micro-scale levels, starting from 1nm. Since one of the primary obj- tives of nanoscale engineering is material removal within a range of 1–100nm, we use the term micro/nanomachining and nanomanufacturing throughout the manuscript. The equations and solution methodologies presented here are valid for a number of practical problems, and some for larger bulk systems. We present them coherently and speci?cally for electron-beam-based appli- tions. The emphasis here is on the particle theories, speci?cally for electrons and phonons.
Beginning with an overview of nanomachining, this monograph introduces the relevant concepts from solid-state physics, thermodynamics, and lattice structures. It then covers modeling of thermal transport at the nanoscale and details simulations of different processes relevant to nanomachining. The final chapter summarizes the important points and discusses directions for future work to improve the modeling of nanomachining.
Transport Equations.- Modeling of Transport Equations via MC Methods.- Modeling of e-Beam Transport.- Thermal Conduction Coupled with e-Beam Transport.- Two-Temperature Model Coupled with e-Beam Transport.- Thermal Conduction with Electron Flow/Ballistic Behavior.- Parallel Computations for Two-Temperature Model.- Molecular Dynamics Simulations.- Concluding Remarks.

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Autor: Basil T. Wong
ISBN-13 :: 9783540736073
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