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Nature Conservation

Environmental Science Environmental Science and Engineering
Concepts and Practice
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8 SHORT REVIEW AND CONCLUSIONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM (“Conceptions and Methods of Nature Conservation in Europe”, Cluj-Napoca, September 16–19th, 2004) 1 1 2 Vasile CRISTEA , Dan GAFTA , John R. AKEROYD 1. “Babe -Bolyai” University, Department of Taxonomy and Ecology, Republicii str., 42, 400015 Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA) 2. Plant Talk, Lawn Cottage, West Tisbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6SG, UK 1. General review of the symposium Organized by the Chair of Taxonomy and Ecology of the University „Babe -Bolyai” (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), in co-operation with the Romanian Society of Phytosociology and the International Federation of Phytosociology, this international symposium was dedicated to Prof. dr. h.c. Franco PEDROTTI th (University of Camerino, Italy), on the occasion of his 70 birthday. Drawn from four continents, the 84 participants (of whom over 50% were young people under 35 years old) represented 12 countries: Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, UK and USA, thus covering a large part of Earth’s bio-geographical regions. The opening ceremony took place in the University’s imposing Aula Magna and included two welcome speeches on behalf of the Rector and the President of the Nature Monument Committee, a Laudatio to Prof. F. Pedrotti and a short folk music recital. The symposium programme was composed of two plenary sessions, four short communication sessions (divided into two sections: A – General aspects of nature protection; B – Nature conservation in practice) and a poster session. The seven plenary lectures, presented by R. Pott (Hannover, Germany), E.
This book provides a multi-disciplinary coverage of the broad fields of species, community and landscape conservation. The panel of contributors consider a range of topics in vegetation and biodiversity assessment, planning and management of conservation zones and protected areas, together with historical and social/legal issues of the environment and nature conservation. The book celebrates the life’s work of Professor Franco Pedrotti.
Proeminent Pioneers Of Nature Conservation.- Traditions in Romanian Sozology.- Jean Massart, Pionnier De La Conservation De La Nature En Belgique.- The Journal Of Renzo Videsott: The “Historical Archives” Of Nature Protection in Italy in the Period 1944–1953.- Social And Legal Aspects Of Conservation.- Nature and Conservation: A New, More Active Role for Universities.- From the Protection of Landscape and “Natural Beauties” to the Defence of Ecosystems in Italy.- Wild Plant Species Endangered Through Intensive Harvest.- Peatlands Of North-Eastern Europe and their Conservation.- Biodiversity Assessment.- Woody Formations in a Mesothermic Valley of Tarija Province, Bolivia.- The Protection Of Biodiversity in Tuscany.- The Reasons in Favour of Setting Up a New Natural Reserve in the Black Sea Shore Area Between North and South Eforie (Constan?A County).- Assessment of the Vascular Flora Conservation Through Specific Indices - A Comparison Study in Central Europe.- Anthropogenic Habitats Can Shelter Threatened Plants.- Globally and European Threatened Plants Present in Dobrogea (South-Eastern Romania).- Biogeographical Characterization of the Bryological Flora of the “Montagna di Torricchio” Nature Reserve (Central Italy).- Five New Species for the Romanian Lichen Flora.- The Ecological Role of Deadwood in Natural Forests.- A Syntaxonomic Review Of Thermophilous Shrub Communities (Syringo-Carpinion Orientalis) in Sw Romania.- Forest Communities Floristically Specific to Eastern Romania.- Dry Grasslands of the Corhan Hill - S?Bed Village (Mure? County).- Threatened Plant Communities as an Indicator of Fishponds Value: An Example from Silesia (Sw Poland).- The Saxon Villages Of Southern Transylvania: Conserving Biodiversity in a Historic Landscape.- Biotope Types of the Treeline of the Central Greater Caucasus.- The Water Reservoirs of the Confluence of the BistriþA With The Siret River (Eastern Romania) - An Important Bird Area.- Conservation Of Steppe Birdlife in Italy.- Contributions to Conservation Biology.- Conservation Of Deciduous Tree Species in Europe: Projecting Potential Ranges and Changes.- Determinism, Chaos and Stochasticity in Plant Community Successions: Consequences for Phytosociology and Conservation Ecology.- Phytosociologie Moderne Et Conservation Rationnelle De La Nature.- Anatomy of the Endangered Plant Glaucium Flavum Cr., Occurring on the Romanian Black Sea Littoral.- Steppe-Forest Succession as a Conservation Problem.- Clonal Growth Modes in Plant Communities Along a Stress Gradient in the Central Apennines, Italy.- Relationship Between Phenology and Above - Ground Phytomass in a Grassland Community in Central Italy.- Evaluation of the Italian Apennine Ecosystems With Respect to Anatomical and Ethological Characteristics of the Roe Deer.- Conservation Planning and Management.- Planeco - Planning in Ecological Networks.- The cartography of landscape units in São Bento do Sapucaí - Serra da Mantiqueira (São Paulo, Brazil).- Environmental Management For Biodiversity Conservation.- The Modena Botanic Garden: Plant Conservation and Habitat Management Strategies.- Forest Management in Protected Areas in Italy.- Traditional Management of the Rural Areas in Wallonia (Belgium).- Nature Conservation in Practice.- Effects of Irrigations on Swamp Forests Drained by Lignite Mining.- Autochthony and Conservation of a Relict Population of Abies Alba Miller in the Apuan Alps Regional Park (Tuscany - Italy).- Dune Slacks - An Endangered Habitat in the Conflict Between Nature Conservation and Groundwater Management.- On the Problems of Nature Conservation in the Desert Zone in Russia.

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