Schein's Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery
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Schein's Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery

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Moshe Schein
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Emergency abdominal surgery is a battlefield for the surgeon - providing character-building experiences, and opportunities for triumph and disaster. In the second edition of this 'simple' book, emergency abdominal surgery is discussed in an informal and no nonsense fashion - as practiced in the 'trenches' of the ER and the OR. The preferred approach for a given situation is discussed in context; it has to fulfill certain prerequisites: save life, decrease morbidity, be cost effective and be performed correctly.

Reviews of the 1st edition:

"What makes this book very readable are the 'pregnant' citations, aphorisms and 'smart savings', which are often heard at the bedside and operation rooms but almost never reach the pages of a book". (P. Klein, Chirurg, 2000)

"This is written with short punchy chapters making it very difficult to put down...." (R.A.B. Wood, Journal Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, 2000)

"Since Mondor's times in the forties of the last century there was no other book in surgery to be written so easy and witty...' (Boris D. Savchuk, World Journal of Surgery, 2002)

- Written in an easy-to-read tone, concise and to the point.

- Assembled during 20 years of intensive involvement, both clinical and academic, in emergency abdominal surgery. 

- An extensive list of international contributors, including surgeons from Mount Sinai (NY) and Albert Einstein (NY). 

- The first edition was translated into both Spanish and Russian. 

General philosophy.- Historical perspectives.- The acute abdomen.- Who should look after the acute abdomen and where?.- Rational diagnostic procedures.- Abdominal imaging.- Optimizing the patient.- Pre-operative antibiotics.- Family, ethics, informed consent and medico legal consideration.- Before the flight: pre-operative checklist.- The incision.- Abdominal exploration: finding what is wrong.- Peritonitis: Contamination and infection, Principles of treatment.- The intestinal anastomosis.- Esophageal emergencies.- Diaphramatic emergencies.- Upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage.- Perforated peptic ulcer.- Acute cholecystitis.- Acute cholangitis.- Small bowel obstruction.- Acute abdominal wall hernias.- Acute mesenteric ischemia.- Inflammatory bowel disease and other types of colitis.- Colonic obstruction.- Acute diverticulitis.- Massive lower GI bleeding.- Acute appendicitis.- Anorectal emergencies.- Complications of endoscopy.-Gynecological emergencies.- Pediatric abdominal emergencies.- Acute abdomen in HIV patients.- Penetrating abdominal trauma.- Blunt abdominal trauma.- Abdominal compartment syndrome.- Abdominal aortic emergencies.- Abdominal closure.- Before landing: checklist.- Postoperative care.- Nutrition.- Postoperative antibiotics.- Ileus vs. intestinal obstruction.- Intra-abdominal abscesses.- Anastomotic leaks and fistulas.- Re-laparostomies.- Laparostomy.- Laparoscopic re-exploration.- Abdominal wall dehiscence.- LIRS, SIRS, CARS, MODS, MOF and tertiary peritonitis invited commentary.- Wound management.- Post operative bleeding.- Role of laparoscopy.- Technical considerations.- The aftermath and the M & M.