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Autor: Robert J. Pignolo
ISBN-13: 9783319722269
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Fractures in the Elderly

Aging Medicine
A Guide to Practical Management
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Robert J. Pignolo, MD, PhD
Chair, Division of Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology
Robert and Arlene Kogod Professor of Geriatric Medicine
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Rochester, MN, USA
Newly revised and updated, this book provides geriatricians and orthopedic surgeons with the most vital tools to treat elderly patients who sustain a variety of fractures. The text uniquely encompass the etiologies of fracture in the elderly, perioperative management, the surgical treatment of common fractures in the elderly, as well as rehabilitation and prevention in the older patient. It focuses on the most current data and opinions regarding assessment and management of geriatric conditions that predispose the elderly to fracture, perioperative complications and subsequent functional decline. Unlike any other text, experts in both orthopedics and geriatrics review the content of each chapter for readability and appeal to his/her respective discipline, making this the physician's ultimate guide to treating elderly patients with injuries.
Fractures in the Elderly, Second Edition is a valuable resource for geriatricians, orthopedic surgeons, physiologists, and rehabilitation specialists.
¿Written by experts in the field


I. The Aging of Bone and Etiologies of Fractures

1.Osteobiology of Aging

Abhishek Chandra, Andrew Rosenzweig, and Robert J. Pignolo

2. Pathologic Fractures

Russell N. Stitzlein and Kristy L. Weber

3. Falls
Kevin R. Parks, Nicole Osevala, and Amy M. Westcott
4. Geriatric Physiology

D. Joshua Mancini and Steve Allen

II. Perioperative Management

5. Anticoagulation

Alysa Beth Krain

6. Prevention and Management of Perioperative Delirium

Jerry C. Johnson

7. Anesthesia and Pain Management in Geriatric Fractures

Lu Cai, Jiabin Liu, and Nabil Elkassabany

8. Postoperative Complications

So Dam Kim and Jung-Hoon Kim

III. Common Fractures in the Elderly

9. Hand and Wrist Fractures in the Elderly

Nicholas Pulos, Stephanie Thibedeau, and L. Scott Levin

10. Fractures of the Shoulder and Elbow

Cody Hillin, J. Stuart Melvin, Karen Boselli, G. Russell Huffman, Samir Mehta, and Andrew F. Kuntz

11. Vertebral Compression Fractures

Andrew H. Milby, Ejovi Ughwanogho, Nader M. Hebela, and Harvey E. Smith

12. Pelvic and Hip Fractures

Nathan A. Wigner, Neil P. Sheth, and Jaimo Ahn

13. Fractures of the Distal Femur

John A. Scolaro and John L. Esterhai

14. Tibial Plateau Fractures in the Elderly

Krishna C. Vemulapalli, Joshua C. Rozell, Joshua L. Gary, and Derek Donegan
15. Ankle Fractures

Romie Gibly, Daniel Farber, and Mara L. Schenker

IV. Rehabilitation, Post-fracture Evaluation, and Prevention

16. Rehabilitation

Keith Baldwin, Derek J. Donegan, and Mary Ann Keenan

17. Evaluation of Bone Fragility and Fracture Prevention

Robert J. Pignolo, and Mona Al Mukaddam

Editiert von: Robert J. Pignolo, Jaimo Ahn
Robert J. Pignolo, MD, PhD
Chair, Division of Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology
Robert and Arlene Kogod Professor of Geriatric Medicine
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Rochester, MN, USA

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Autor: Robert J. Pignolo
ISBN-13 :: 9783319722269
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Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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