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Law and Opera

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Filippo Annunziata
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This book explores the various connections between Law and Opera, providing a comprehensive, multinational, and multidisciplinary (with approaches from jurists, philosophers, musicologist, historians) resource on the subject. Further, it makes a valuable contribution to studies on law and the humanities. While, for example, the relationship between law and literature has been extensively researched, the relationship between Law and Opera remains largely overlooked. The book approaches the topic from three perspectives in three main sections: Law in Opera, Law on Opera, and Law around Opera.

Introduction by Filippo Annunziata and Giorgio Fabio Colombo.-
Part I – Law in Opera: Scalia/Ginsburg: the Rhythm of the US Federal Supreme Court
by Francesca Benatti.- Exile and Identity: Findings of Fact and Opinions of Law in Bellini's
La Straniera
by Louis Bertone.-
Fiat iustitia et pereat mundus. The Tragic Conflicts of the Judge in
I due Foscari
by Angelo Pio Buffo.- “That may be Japanese law…but not in my country!”. Marriage, Divorce and Private International Law in Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly
by Giorgio Fabio Colombo, Masabumi Suzuki and Dai Yokomizo.- Crime, Prosecution and Justice in Verdi’s
Otello by Paolo Di Felice and Alessandro Accinni.-
Le Nozze di Figaro and the Sunset of Ancien Régime Legacy on Modern Legal Culture
by Elena Faletti.- Recurring Legal Issues in Italian Opera
by Silvia Ferreri.- Le nozze di Wolfgang: About the Meaning of Marriage in Mozart’s Operas
by Cesare Fertonani.- The Depiction of Crimes in Puccini’s Works
by Pietro Gandetto.- The “Gesualdo Case” in Contemporary Melodrama
by Giovanni Iudica.- Law and Fate in
I Puritani,
Aida and
by Przemysław Krzywoszyński and Jan Woleński.- Equality and Social Complexity. A Comparison between
Idomeneo Re di Creta and
Nozze di Figaro
by Mariano Longo.- Revenge between Legal and Social Norms in
Cavalleria Rusticana by Giuseppe Lorini.- Paternal Justice in Giuseppe Verdi’s Operas
by Mario Antonio Riberi.- Giacomo Puccini’s
Gianni Schicchi. Harmony in the System
by Maria Teresa Sanza.-
art II – Law on Opera: The Voice of the Opera Singer and its Protection: Another Look at the
Maria Callas Case
by Julia Ammermann Yebra.- Critical Edition of an Opera: a New Look for an Old Lady? The Boundaries of Copyright Protection in the EU Countries
by Giovanna Carugno.- A Little-known Source for the Public at the Paris Opéra: the
 Baux des Loges by Mark Darlow.- What is Allowed in the Opera? – Law as the Boundary of Artistic Experiment
by Ewa Łętowska and Krzysztof Pawłowski.- The Italian
Scrittura Teatrale: a Peculiar Case of Unwritten Terms Integrating Contracts
by Geo Magri.- Der Ring des Nibelungen - From a Criminal Law Perspective
by Peter Lewisch.-
Part III – Law around Opera: Law, Opera and the Baroque Mentality: Contradictions, Paradoxes and Dialogues
by Mariana Lima Maia and Marcilio Toscano Franca Filho.- Schiller’s “An die Freude”, Beethoven’s Ninth and the Struggle over Europe’s Identity
by Giorgio Resta.- The Current International and Music Society
by Gustavo Troccoli Carvalho de Negreiros.- Nemorino’s Plagiarims. Author Copyright, Musical Theatre, and Circulation of Texts in the
Siglo de Oro of Italian Opera
by Filippo Annunziata.

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