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Autor: Esther Care
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Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills

Research and Applications
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This book provides a detailed description of research and application outcomes from the Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills project, which explored a framework for understanding the nature of these skills. The major element of this new volume is the presentation of research information from the global assessment of two 21st century skills that are amenable to teaching and learning: collaborative problem solving, and learning in digital networks. The outcomes presented include evidence to support the validity of assessment of 21st century skills and descriptions of consequent pedagogical approaches which can be used both to teach the skills and to use them to enhance key learning goals in secondary education systems. The sections of the volume are connected through a focus on the degree to which innovative assessment tasks measure the constructs of interest. This focus is informed by conceptual and methodological issues associated with affordances of 21st century computer-based assessment. How understanding of the nature of the skills, as derived from these assessments, can guide approaches to the integration of 21st century skills in the classroom, is informed by initiatives adopted by participating countries. The guiding questions in this volume are: "Do the assessment tasks measure the constructs?" and "What are the implications for assessment and teaching in the classroom?" It is the third volume of papers from this project published by Springer.
¿¿Supports construct validity of 21st century skills assessment tools for use with students
Provides teachers with proto-type strategies for use in the classroom to promote 21st century skills

 Informs researchers about coding and scoring options for assessment of online complex behaviours
Preface; Patrick Griffin .- PART 1: Introduction.- 1. 21st Century Skills: From Theory to Action; Esther Care .- PART 2: Assessment of 21st Century Skills.- 2. Assessment of 21st Century Skills: The Issue of Authenticity; Esther Care and Helyn Kim .- 3. Competencies for Complexity: Problem Solving in the 21st Century; Joachim Funke, Andreas Fischer and Daniel V. Holt. - 4. Shifts in the Assessment of Problem Solving; Katarina Krkovic, Maida Mustafic, Sascha Wüstenberg, and Samuel Greiff. - 5. Challenges of Assessing Collaborative Problem-solving; Art Graesser, Peter W. Foltz, Yigal Rosen, David Williamson Shaffer, Carol Forsyth, and Mae-Lynn Germany .- PART 3: Country Applications and Initiatives.- 6. Collective Creativity and Collaborative Problem-solving among Singapore Secondary School Students; Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, Imelda Caleon, Elizabeth Koh, Chew Leng Poon, and Hui Leng Ng.- 7. Collaborative Problem Solving in Finnish Pre-Service Teacher Education: A Case Study; Arto Ahonen, Päivi Häkkinen, and Johanna Pöysä-Tarhonen .- 8. A 21st Century Lens on the Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards; Kathleen Comfort and Michael Timms .- 9. Teaching 21st Century Skills: Implications at System Levels in Australia; Claire Scoular and Esther Care.- 10. Initiatives and Implementation of 21st Century Skills Teaching and Assessment in Costa Rica; María Eugenia Bujanda, Leda Muñoz, and Magaly Zúñiga .- PART 4: Information Communication Technologies: Their Measurement and Their Uses.- 11. Learning in Digital Networks as a Modern Approach to ICT Literacy; Mark Wilson, Kathleen Scalise, and Perman Gochyyev .- 12. Intersecting Learning Analytics and Measurement Science in the Context of ICT Literacy Assessment; Mark Wilson, Kathleen Scalise, and Perman Gochyyev .- 13. How Can Use of Data from Computer-delivered Assessments Improve Measurement?; Dara Ramalingam and Raymond J. Adams. - 14. Next Wave for Integration of Educational Technology into the Classroom: Collaborative Technology Integration Planning Practices; Kathleen Scalise .- PART 5: Transforming Education Systems to Integrate 21st Century Skills.- 15. Curricular and Implementation Challenges in Introducing 21st Century Skills Education; Nienke Nieveen and Tjeerd Plomp .

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Autor: Esther Care
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