Innovative Healthcare Systems for the 21st Century

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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
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Understanding Complex Systems

Peter Tsasis is an Associate Professor of Management at the School of Administrative Studies at York University, Canada. He is jointly appointed to the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and is a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah is a member of the Springer Complexity Board. He is an Associate Professor at the School of Administrative Studies at York University, Canada. His research interests include dynamic decision making, system dynamics modeling, and energy planning models.

This book presents the latest in decision-making tools, techniques, and solutions for policy makers to utilize in overcoming the challenges faced by healthcare systems. With contributions from experts world-wide, an array of healthcare management models, techniques, and integrative solutions are presented, drawing on econometric, system dynamics, and agent-based models as well as state-of-the-art empirical studies. As total healthcare spending (both total expenditures on health as a percentage of GDP and average spending on per capita) increases across most of the world's economies, healthcare systems continue to face challenges in terms of cost, quality, and access, as a result of its fragmented nature. Consequently, healthcare managers and policy makers require innovative integrative approaches and solutions to better manage complex, dynamic healthcare systems.
This volume offers researchers and policy makers an insightful and critical review of the state of the art in healthcare modeling, with a particular focus on system dynamics, agent-based models, and modern empirical studies. It will be of interest to those in the fields of health, business management, and information systems.
Provides comprehensive frameworks, models, and integrative solutions for healthcare management
Chapter1. Innovative Healthcare Systems: An Introduction.- Chapter2. Innovative Healthcare Applications of ICT for Developing Countries.- Chapter3. Transdisciplinary Approach to Design of a Total Healing Environment.- Chapter4. Systemic Development of Health Organizations: An Integrative Systems Methodology.- Chapter5. Centralizing Health Policies in an Age of Global Migration Flows.- Chapter6. Solar system design for water treatment: Anti Bacterial heat exchanger.- Chapter7. Modeling to Inform Long Term Care Policy and Planning for an Aging Society.- Chapter8. Framing Caesarean Section reduction policies through a Dynamic Performance Management approach: a Maternity Pathway case-based analysis.- Chapter9. "Epimemetic" Landscape- Relationship of Organizational Culture, Performance and Compliance vs Engagement.- Chapter10. Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Internet of Things.- Chapter11. Status and Challenges on Adaptation for Indian Healthcare Services with Data Mining Technique.- Chapter12. High Performance HR Practices in Healthcare in Canada.- Chapter13. Afterword: Moving Forward in Healthcare Systems in the 21st Century.