Walking Virginia Woolf’s London

An Investigation in Literary Geography
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Lisbeth Larsson
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216x153x19 mm
Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies

Lisbeth Larsson has been Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Gothenburg since 2000. Her major publications are in the fields of popular culture, feminism and biography. She edited and contributed to The History of Nordic Women's Literature. At present she heads the project Swedish Women Online.

This innovative volume employs theoretical tools from the field of literary geography to explore Virginia Woolf's writing and the ways in which she constructs her human subjects. It follows the routes of characters from The Voyage, Jacob's Room, Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse and more as they walk around London, demonstrating how Woolf constructs the characters in her stories in a very politically conscious way. As Larsson argues, none of Woolf's characters are able to walk just anywhere, at any time in history, or at any time of the day. Time, place, gender, and class form the conditions of life that the characters must accept or challenge.

Featuring an array of detailed maps, Walking Virginia Woolf's London: An Investigation in Literary Geography brings a fascinating new perspective to Virginia Woolf's work. It is essential reading for scholars of modernist literature or geocriticism.

Offers a formidable body of criticism on the subject of Woolf's London including over 20 maps and detailed discussions of her novels and other works
1 Introduction.- 2 Dreaming of London - The Voyage Out.- 3 A Room of One's Own behind the Strand - Night and Day.- 4 A Brief Moment in Bloomsbury - Jacob's Room.- 5 Walking in Upper-Class Westminster - Mrs. Dalloway.- 6 TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS- To the Lighthouse, Orlando,