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Autor: James E. Small
ISBN-13: 9783319528458
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Electronic Control Fires

SpringerBriefs in Fire
A Design, Manufacturing and Forensic Technical Perspective
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The failures of electronic controls, which can cause loss of life and property, are discussed from the perspective of both the design and manufacturing functions and clarified for the responsible forensic team.  Many pitfalls of the fast-paced product introduction environment for industrial and consumer products are discussed to help minimize the number of electronic control fires and other menacing events of today.  The author clearly links the design, manufacturing and forensic technical communities in the development of electronic control devices, which include a wide array of products, from auto key fobs to furnace electronic control boards. The information included ensures a final product that will not end up in litigation (or at least not be found guilty during litigation), putting into plain words how to determine if a suspect electronic appliance control is the cause of a fire or the result of a fire. Containing invaluable data learned through many years of new product designs, development and production cycles, this brief features illustrated bench experiments conducted by the author. Professionals and researchers working in fire protection, electrical engineering, or building safety will find this brief an essential resource.
Introduction.- The Event Defined.- Facts Regarding Typical Events.- Localized Events.- Who is at Fault.- High Current PCB Connections.- Liquid, Moisture and Electronics.- The Ugly Process.- Liability Related Electronic Control Deficiencies.- Localized Event Explained: Charred Hole.- Localized Event Explained: Partially Charred Surface.- Localized Event Explained: Scorched FR-4, no Missing Weave.- Localized Event Explained: Scorched FR-4, with Missing Weave.- PCB Smoke and Fire Damage for Power Levels Below 5 Watts.- Bench Experiments.- Summary of Experiments.

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Autor: James E. Small
ISBN-13 :: 9783319528458
ISBN: 3319528459
Verlag: Springer International Publishing
Seiten: 70
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 2017
Sonstiges: Ebook