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Management of Bleeding Patients

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Jun Teruya
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This volume provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the major issues specific to managing bleeding patients. The sections of the book have been structured to review the overall scope of issue, among them bleeding conditions, managing bleeding including clearing patients for surgery, and massive bleeding during surgery. Reflecting the multidisciplinary care that is an integral part of managing bleeding patients, the book is written by authors from a variety of integrated disciplines, including transfusion medicine, hematology, pediatric hematology, critical care medicine, pediatric critical care medicine, obstetrics, and anesthesia. The volume also includes brief etiology and a practical reference guide regarding type of blood components, medication, dose, and duration. 

Management of Bleeding Patients is a valuable resource for clinicians working in the area of bleeding management.      


SECTION I: Diagnosis of bleeding by lab testing

1. Screening Coagulation Assays, Factor XIII and D-dimer

Dorothy M. Adcock and Brian F. Poirier

2. Platelets

Kandice Kottke-Marchant

3. Von Willebrand Disease Laboratory Workup

Shiu-Ki Rocky Hui

4. Hyperfibrinolysis

Wayne L. Chandler

5. Whole blood assay – thromboelastometry

Klaus Görlinger, Jameel Iqbal, Daniel Dirkmann, and Kenichi A. Tanaka

SECTION II: Bleeding associated with disease condition

6. Known bleeding disorders for surgery

Trinh Nguyen and Miguel A. Escobar

7. Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, Congenital von Willebrand Disease & Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome

Shiu-Ki Rocky Hui

8. Bleeding Associated with Coagulation Factor Inhibitors

Charles S. Eby

9. Pregnancy Associated Bleeding

Karin A. Fox

10. Bleeding Associated with Thrombocytopenia

Sarah E. Sartain and Jenny M. Despotovic

11. Bleeding in acute and chronic liver disease

Esther Paula Soundar and Jun Teruya

12. Bleeding and Hyperfibrinolysis

Wayne L. Chandler

13. Bleeding of unknown etiology

Jun Teruya, Vadim Kostousov, and Lisa Hensch

14. Bleeding Associated with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Charles S. Eby

15. Bleeding and Vitamin K Deficiency

Charles S. Eby

16. Bleeding in Uremia

Jens Lutz and Julia Weinmann-Menke

17. Bleeding associated with Trauma

Christoph J. Schlimp and Martin Ponschab

18. Lupus anticoagulant hypoprothrombinemia syndrome (LAHPS)

Mona D. Shah

SECTION III: Bleeding from specific organs

19. Intracerebral Hemorrage: An Overview of Etiology, Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation and Advanced Treatment Strategies

Burhan Z. Chaudhry and Edward M. Manno

20. Epistaxis

Elton M. Lambert and Ellen M. Friedman

21. Bleeding Disorders Related to Lung Disease

Timothy J. Vece and George B. Mallory Jr.

22. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Lakshmi Venkat Srivaths, Jennifer L. Bercaw, and Jennifer E. Dietrich

23. Gross Hematuria

Monica Gabrielle Velasquez and Adam S. Feldman

24. Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Jose Vega Peralta and Martin L. Freeman

SECTION IV: Bleeding associated with medication

25. Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Agents

Ibrahim F. Ibrahim and Lawrence Rice

26. Thrombolytic therapy – tPA induced bleeding

Jennifer C. Lee

SECTION V: Bleeding associated with procedure

27. Bleeding associated with ECMO

Jun Teruya and Cole Burgman

28. Bleeding Related to Cardiac Surgery

Hlaing Tint, Brian Castillo, Paul Allison, and Alice J. Chen

29. Bleeding related to liver transplant

Klaus Görlinger, Tetsuro Sakai, Daniel Dirkmann, Raymond M. Planinsic, and Fuat H. Saner

30. Percutaneous image-guided interventions including solid organ biopsies

Shiraz Rahim, Indravadan J. Patel, and Jon C. Davidson

31. Dental Extractions in Patients with Congenital and Acquired Bleeding Disorders

Julia A. M. Anderson and Andrew K. Brewer

SECTION VI: Specific issues in neonates and pediatrics

32. Neonatal thrombocytopenia

Rebecca Barton and Paul Monagle

33. Bleeding in the neonate

Sally Campbell and Paul Monagle

SECTION VII: Hemostatic agents and blood components used to stop bleeding

34. Hemostatic agents and blood components used to stop bleeding

Rachel S. Beaty

35. Blood Components

Lisa Hensch