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Codex Orféo

A Novel
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Michael Charles Tobias
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Explore shattering ethical, political and practical quagmires in this gripping ecological thriller. A tense plot deals with devastating scientific, secret intelligence and geopolitical issues.


“You alright, Professor?” Mal asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, I’ll be alright.”

World renowned ecologist, UCLA Professor David Lev, aged 84, has just begun a contemporary odyssey. From delivering a plenary address on climate change at the Rio+20 UN Summit, he must prevail on a journey through sub-zero hurricane-force gales, impenetrable bogs and twelve foot drifts of ice in the forests of Belarus. Along the way, Lev’s journey directs us to consider such profound questions as: Are we our Brother’s Keeper? What are the ethical limits of science? And, finally, at what price, glory?


It is not only Lev’s story that is the key to this page-turner but also an account from the days of World War II and the Holocaust, which hinges on survival. A constellation of richly nuanced, deeply drawn characters whose enmeshed lives and unique circumstances speak with resonance, melancholy, inspiration and unrelenting drama are all part of this complex and thought-provoking novel - including cutting-edge biochemist Dr Taman Chernichevsky. What has he discovered?

1. Prologue 

2. Ivan The Great Bell Tower, Moscow, April 11th, 2011

3. May 8th, 12:25 pm, 2011, Inside DS&T, McLean, VA

4. Two Hours Earlier, Near the Ladskie Artificial Lake

5. Nine Lives 

6. Rio Centro, June 22, 2012

7. Equations for the End of the World

8. Nenhum dano não falta 

9. A-Minor Key 

10. Sasha’s World 

11. Stalker

12. Techsupport

13. The Other Alfred Wallace 

14. Probability Errors in the Rhombicuboctahedron

15. What Would Truman Have Done?

16. A Room With A View

17. In and Out of Shadows

18. Fungus

19. An Uncommon Urgency

20. Eyes on the Ground

21. The Road To Utopia

22. The Day of the Chicken

23. Deep in the Forest

24. Simon Stylites

25. Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library

26. The Stampede for a Catalytic Agent

27. Thermus aquaticus

28. Alice’s Rabbit Hole

29. Tuber aestivum

30. Pavilion 3

31. Rio Maelstrom

32. Euclid’s Ghost

33. The Moment That Would Change A Lifetime

34. Ugly World

35. Daze

36. Obfuscations

37. Early Morning, Avenida President Wilson

38. The Bartender’s Apartment

39. From the Knee Down

40. The Ides, 2015

41. The Communiqué

42. A Classified Huddle

43. Noitnettaruoydeeniemsti

44. Cro-Magnon.

45. Machinations

46. The Irish Connection

47. The Decision

48. London

49. A Glazed Twist

50. Warszawa Centralna

51. Pryvakzaĺnaja plošča, 9:07 am. Minsk

52. Vulitsa Kirava 13  

53. Minsk Passazhirsky

54. No Birds

55. Unique Circumstances

56. Disaster

57. Scrimmage

58. The Great Aunt

59. Lev’s Dream

60. 225063 Kamieniuki. Region, Brest

61. The Histories   

62. The Watch

63. The HIT

64. Convergences

65. The Coming Storm

66. Visions of the Shtetele

67. Twelve Feet of Snow

68. The Diary

69. Life and Death in the Forest

70. Despair in the Afternoon

71. Wise Men

72. The Graves

73. 52°35′22.86″N 23°54′12.54″E. Elv. 201 M.  

74. Eyes On The Gound

75. Plants That Dream At Night

76. Mystiques Amid the Rhizosphere

77. The Genius of a Squirrel

78. The Wisent of Bialowieza

79. Nothingness

80. The Marriage of Figaro Factor

81. Daybreak

82. 11 am, Tenth Day

83. The “Parthenon” of Bialowieza

84. A Single Gnarled Gutteral

85. Escape From Nature

86. Paris

87. Les Deux Magots

88. The Synagogue de la rue Pavée, 4th district

89. The Survivors

90. The Crossing Over