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Multibody Dynamics

Computational Methods and Applications
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Josep M. Font-Llagunes
42, Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
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This book includes selected papers from the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics, that took place in Barcelona, Spain, from June 29 to July 2, 2015. By having its origin in analytical and continuum mechanics, as well as in computer science and applied mathematics, multibody dynamics provides a basis for analysis and virtual prototyping of innovative applications in many fields of contemporary engineering. With the utilization of computational models and algorithms that classically belonged to different fields of applied science, multibody dynamics delivers reliable simulation platforms for diverse highly-developed industrial products such as vehicle and railway systems, aeronautical and space vehicles, robotic manipulators, smart structures, biomechanical systems, and nanotechnologies.
Preface, by Josep M. Font-Llagunes.- Numerical integration of underactuated mechanical systems subjected to mixed holonomic and servo constraints, by Peter Betsch, Robert Altmann, Yinping Yang.- Enhancing the Performance of the DCA When Forming and Solving the Equations of Motion for Multibody Systems, by Jeremy J. Laflin, Kurt S. Anderson, Mike Hans.- Three-Dimensional Non-linear Shell Theory for Flexible Multibody Dynamics, by Shilei Han and Olivier A. Bauchau.- On the Frictional Contacts in Multibody System Dynamics, by Filipe Marques, Paulo Flores, Hamid M. Lankarani.- Modeling and simulation of a 3D printer based on a SCARA mechanism, by Eduardo Paiva Okabe and Pierangelo Masarati.- Structure Preserving Optimal Control of a Three-Dimensional Upright Gait, by Michael W. Koch and Sigrid Leyendecker.- Robotran-YARP interface: a framework for real-time controller developments based on multibody dynamics simulations, by Timothée Habra, Houman Dallali, Alberto Cardellino, Lorenzo Natale, Nikolaos Tsagarakis, Paul Fisette and Renaud Ronsse.- Wheel-Ground modeling in planetary exploration: From unified simulation frameworks towards heterogeneous, multi-tier wheel ground contact simulation, by Roy Lichtenheldt, Stefan Barthelmes, Fabian Buse, Matthias Hellerer.- Intervention-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle multibody models for dynamic manipulation tasks, by R. Conti, R. Costanzi, F. Fanelli, E. Meli, A. Ridolfi and B. Allotta.- Development of a Musculotendon Model within the Framework of Multibody Systems Dynamics, by Ana R. Oliveira, Sérgio B. Gonçalves, Mamede de Carvalho, Miguel T. Silva.- Numerical and Experimental Study on Contact Force Fluctuation between Wheel and Rail Considering Rail Flexibility and Track Conditions, by Saki Ienaga, Yoshiaki Terumichi, Kazuhiko Nishimura, Minoru Nishina.- Use of Flexible Models in Extended Kalman Filtering Applied to Vehicle Body Force Estimation, by Sebastiaan van Aalst, Frank Naets, Johan Theunissen and Wim Desmet.- Design and Control of an Energy-Saving Robot Using Storage Elements and Reaction Wheels, by Makoto Iwamura, Shunichi Imafuku, Takahiro Kawamoto and Werner Schiehlen.- Exploiting the equations of motion for biped robot control with enhanced stability, by Johannes Mayr, Alexander Reiter, Hubert Gattringer, Andreas Müller.