Principles of Performance and Reliability Modeling and Evaluation

Essays in Honor of Kishor Trivedi on his 70th Birthday
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Springer Series in Reliability Engineering

The editors are academics who conduct research on the topics to be covered in the book. This book will be useful to independent researchers, graduate students and practitioners wishing to learn principles of performance and reliability modeling.

This book presents the latest key research into the performanceand reliability aspects of dependable fault-tolerant systems and featurescommentary on the fields studied by Prof. Kishor S. Trivedi during hisdistinguished career. Analyzing system evaluation as a fundamental tenet in thedesign of modern systems, this book uses performance and dependability ascommon measures and covers novel ideas, methods, algorithms, techniques, andtools for the in-depth study of the performance and reliability aspects ofdependable fault-tolerant systems. It identifies the current challenges thatdesigners and practitioners must face in order to ensure the reliability, availability,and performance of systems, with special focus on their dynamic behaviors anddependencies, and provides system researchers, performance analysts, andpractitioners with the tools to address these challenges in their work. Withcontributions from Prof. Trivedi's former PhD students and collaborators, manyof whom are internationally recognized experts, to honor him on the occasion ofhis 70th birthday, this book serves as a valuable resource for all engineeringdisciplines, including electrical, computer, civil, mechanical, and industrialengineering as well as production and manufacturing.

Presents the latest key research into the performance and reliability

Phase Type and Matrix Exponential Distributions inStochastic Modelling.- Constant-Stress Accelerated Life-Test Models and DataAnalysis for One-Shot Devices.- From Performability to Uncertainty.- Manageddependability in interacting systems.- Modeling Availability Impact in CloudComputing.- Reliability Analysis of a Cloud Computing System with Replication.-Combined Simulation and Testing Based on Standard UML Models.- Reproducibilityof Software Bugs.- Measuring the Resiliency of Extreme-Scale ComputingEnvironments.