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Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications (IBICA 2015) held in Kochi, India during December 16-18, 2015
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424, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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This Volume contains the papers presented during the 6th International Conference on Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications IBICA 2015 which was held in Kochi, India during December 16-18, 2015. The 51 papers presented in this Volume were carefully reviewed and selected. The 6th International Conference IBICA 2015 has been organized to discuss the state-of-the-art as well as to address various issues in the growing research field of Bio-inspired Computing which is currently one of the most exciting research areas, and is continuously demonstrating exceptional strength in solving complex real life problems. The Volume will be a valuable reference to researchers, students and practitioners in the computational intelligence field..

Multiset Genetic Algorithm Approach to Grid Resource Allocation.- Secure Cloud Multi-tenant Applications with Cache in PaaS.- HAWK EYE: Intelligent Analysis of Socio Inspired Cohorts for Plagiarism.- Mechanism of Fuzzy ARMS on Chemical Reaction.- The Power of Hybridity and Context Free in HP System.- Enhanced Bee Colony Algorithm for Efficient Load Balancing and Scheduling in Cloud.- Robust Optimized Artificial Neural Network Based Pem Fuelcell Voltage Tracking.- Gravitational Search Algorithm to Solve Open Vehicle Routing Problem.- PIRIDS :A Model on Intrusion Response System Based on Biologically Inspired Response Mechanism in Plants.- Particle Swarm Optimization Method Based Consistency Checking in UML Class and Activity Diagrams.- Data Centric Text Processing Using MapReduce.- Request Reply Detection Mechanism for Malicious MANETs.- Ensemble of Flexible Neural Trees for Predicting Risk in Grid Computing Environment.- A Novel Approach for Malicious Node Detection in MANET.- Improving The Productivity In Global Software Development.- Prediction of Heart Disease Using Random Forest and Feature Subset Selection.- Software Requirement Elicitation Using Natural Language Processing.- Application of Hexagonal Coordinate Systems for Searching the K-Nn In 2d Space.- Locality Aware MapReduce.- Hybrid Feature Selection using Correlation coefficient and Particle Swarm Optimization on Microarray Gene Expression Data.- Resource Aware Adaptive Scheduler for Heterogeneous Workload with Task Based Job Sampling.- Generating Picture Arrays Based on Grammar Systems with Flat Splicing Operation.- Identification of Multimodal Human-Robot Interaction Using Combined Kernels.- Debris Detection and Tracking system in water bodies using Motion Estimation technique.- Debris Detection and Tracking System in Water Bodies Using Motion Estimation Technique.-  Understanding the Consequences of Social Isolation Using Fireworks Algorithm.- Ant Pheromone Evaluation Models Based Gateway Selection in MANET.- A Review on How Human Aging Influences Facial Expression Recognition (FER).- An Intelligent Approach for Diabetes Classification, Prediction and Description.- A Novel Algorithm for Utility-Frequent Item Set Mining in Market Basket Analysis.- Exact Computation of 3D Geometric Moment Invariants for ATS Drugs Identification.- D-MBPSO:An Unsupervised Feature Selection Algorithm Based on PSO.- Delay Scheduling with Reduced Workload on JobTracker in Hadoop.- Reducing Travel Time in VANETs with Parallel Implementation of MACO (Modified ACO).- FS-EHS: Harmony Search Based Feature Selection Algorithm for Steganalysis Using ELM.- A Hybrid Dimension Reduction Technique for Document Clustering.- 2D Image Reconstruction After Removal of Detected Salient Regions Using Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting.- Solution to Constrained Test Problems Using Cohort Intelligence Algorithm.- Placement Strategies for Faulty Cells in Module Relocation Based BISR Approach.- Fetal Heart Rate Variability: Multiple Regression Models Using Autoregressive Analysis and Fast Fourier Transform.- Restricted Boltzmann Machine based Energy Efficient Cognitive Network.- An Overview of Computational Intelligence Technique in Drug Molecular Structure Identification.-   An Effective Bio-Inspired Methodology for Optimal Estimation and Forecasting of Co2 Emission in India.- Conceptual Voice Based Querying Support Model for Relevant Document Retrieval.- Online Pairwise Ranking Based on Graph Edge–Connectivity.- Fuzzy Variable Stiness in Landing Phase for Jumping Robot.-  An Extended Study on the Association Between Elicitation Issues and Software Project Performance: A Theoretical Model.- Compact Design of Rectangular Patch Antenna With Symmetrical U Slots on Partial Ground for UWB Applications.- Compact Design of Rectangular Patch Antenna with Symmetrical U slots on Partial Ground for UWB Applications.- Big Data Challenges And Solutions in Healthcare: A Survey.- Experimental Study on Bound Handling Techniques for Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization.- Role of Bio-inspired Optimization in Disaster Operations Management Research.- Optimal Reservoir Release for Hydropower Generation Maximization Using Particle Swarm Optimization.