Advances in Dynamic and Evolutionary Games

Theory, Applications, and Numerical Methods
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Frank Thuijsman
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14, Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games

This contributed volume considers recent advances in dynamic games and their applications, based on presentations given at the 16th Symposium of the International Society of Dynamic Games, held July 9-12, 2014, in Amsterdam. Written by experts in their respective disciplines, these papers cover various aspects of dynamic game theory including differential games, evolutionary games, and stochastic games. They discuss theoretical developments, algorithmic methods, issues relating to lack of information, and applications in areas such as biological or economical competition, stability in communication networks, and maintenance decisions in an electricity market, just to name a few.

Advances in Dynamic and Evolutionary Games presents state-of-the-art research in a wide spectrum of areas. As such, it serves as a testament to the vitality and growth of the field of dynamic games and their applications. It will be of interest to an interdisciplinary audience of researchers, practitioners, and advanced graduate students.
A unified, self-contained collection of selected contributions giving a state-of-the-art account of recent developments in dynamic game theory and its applications
Dynamic Games with Perfect Information.- Dynamic Admission Game into an M/M/1 Queue.-Methodological Issues in Analyzing Market Dynamics.- Stochastic Games with Signals.- Nonlinear and Multiplayer Evolutionary Games.- A Zero-Sum Game Between the Network Designer and an Adversary in Consensus Protocols.- Maximal Stable Bridge in Game with Simple Motions in the Plane.- Linear-Quadratic Gaussian Dynamic Games with a Control-Sharing Information Pattern.- Pursuit-Evasion Game of Kind between Hybrid Players.- A Double-Sided Jamming Game with Resource Constraints.- Speculative Constraints on Oligopoly.- Evolutionary Stability of Dimorphic Population States.- A Game-Theoretical Approach to Microbial Coexistence.- Computing   -Robust Equilibria in Two Integrated Assessment Models for Climate Change.- A Robust Noncooperative Meta-Game for Climate Negotiation in Europe.