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Mediterranean Diet

Dietary Guidelines and Impact on Health and Disease
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Donato F. Romagnolo
Nutrition and Health
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This text is an especially timely new text as the number of studies focusing on the impact of the Mediterranean diet on disease prevention increases every year. The fundamental question addressed in this text is how food components and behavior of the Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of chronic diseases. In-depth chapters provide an overview of preclinical and clinical studies on Mediterranean dietary patterns, food components and lifestyle and their impact on health and disease. Large-scale “omic” approaches are highlighted to educate the reader about the molecular mechanisms through which specific components of the Mediterranean diet improves health and the opportunities and challenges for translating into practice the food recommendations of the Mediterranean pyramid. The volume concludes with information about the nutritional adequacy of Mediterranean foods and provides selected recipes. 

Mediterranean Diet: Impact on Health and Disease will be of great interest to students, clinicians, and scientists engaged in promoting health through nutrition and physical activity.  
Part I: Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle in a World Context.- Updating the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet: From the Heart to the Earth.- Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle in a Modern World Context.- Part II: Historical, Behavioral, and Geographical Perspective of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle.- Historical and Behavioral Perspectives of the Mediterranean Diet.- Historical Origins of the Mediterranean Diet, Regional Dietary Profiles and the Development of the Dietary Guidelines.- Implementing the Mediterranean Diet: a French Perspective and Comparisons with other Mediterranean Countries.- Part III: Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle for Health Promotion.- Mediterranean Oils and Fats, and Disease Risk.- Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease and Protection by the Mediterranean Diet.- Wine, Polyphenols and Cardioprotection.- Impact of Mediterranean Diet on Metabolic Syndrome.- Effects of Mediterranean Diet on the Metabolome.- Part IV: Aging and Cancer Risk.- The Value of the Mediterranean Diet for Older Adults: Emphasis on Obesity Interventions.- The Mediterranean Diet and Neurodegenerative Diseases.- The Mediterranean Diet and Breast Cancer.- Mediterranean Diet, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colon Cancer.- Epigenetics of Mediterranean Diet: Altering Disease Risk.- Part V: Building a Mediterranean-Like Pyramid.- Physical Activity and the Mediterranean Diet.- Mediterranean Diet and Biodiversity.- Food-Based Approaches for Achieving Nutritional Adequacy with the Mediterranean DASH, and USDA Food Patterns.- Building the Mediterranean Pyramid-Part A: Mediterranean Recipes.- Building the Mediterranean Pyramid-Part B: Balancing the Plate.