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Controversies in Thyroid Surgery

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John B. Hanks
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This book encompasses many different diagnoses as well as several specialties of practicing surgeons in the United States. Over the last ten years many advances have been made in preoperative assessment including imaging and diagnostic techniques, operative approaches including “minimally invasive” and robotic surgery, and post operative care. Controversies in Thyroid Surgery explores some of the controversies that arise as the result of these new findings and applications. The book is divided into  the two categories of benign diagnosis and cancer topics. Both of these areas lend themselves to separate analysis of specific problems in the areas mentioned above. The text reviews recent data about advances in diagnostic techniques as well as outcomes with specific regards to the newer operative techniques. The textbook will serve as a resource for medical and surgical colleagues involved in the treatment of a wide variety of thyroid diseases. Authors that are experts in their field and have published extensively provide balanced and non-biased views of topics that are admittedly controversial.  Controversies in Thyroid Surgery will be of great value and utility to practicing endocrinologists, general surgeons and otolaryngologists.

Part A: General Topics

1. Controversies in the Management of Nodular Thyroid Disease

2. The Use of Ultrasound in the Management of Thyroid Disorders

3. Pre and Post Thyroidectomy Voice Assessment

4. Intraoperative Neuro-monitoring of the Laryngeal Nerves During Thyroidectomy

5. Who Should Do Thyroid Surgery?

6. Ambulatory Thyroid Surgery-Is This the Way of the Future?

7. Robotic Thyroidectomy: Is There Still A Role?

8. Graves' Disease-What is the Role and Timing of Surgery?

9. Vocal Fold Paralysis and Thyroid Surgery

Part B: Cancer Topics

10. Optimal Treatment for Papillary Microcarcinoma

11. Molecular Profiles and the "Indeterminate" Thyroid Nodule

12. Controversies in the Surgical Management of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

13. Central Lymph Node Dissection for Well-Differentiated Cancer

14. The Role of Risk Stratification in the Treatment of Well Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

15. Imaging for Preoperative Assessment and Staging of Thyroid Cancer

16. Anaplastic Cancer and Rare Forms of Cancer Affecting the Thyroid

17. The Role of Targeting Therapies or Non-Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Malignancies: Is Surgery Being Replaced?