ECSCW 2015: Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 19-23 September 2015, Oslo, Norway

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Nina Boulus-Rødje
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This volume presents the proceedings of ECSCW 2015, the 14th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, organized by the University of Oslo, Norway. The conference provides a venue for exploring novel, open and critical approaches to the multidisciplinary nature of social and collaborative technologies and work practices, critically reviewing new and established theories and research, forever committed to high scientific standards, both theoretical and methodological.

These proceedings consist of 14 full and 3 exploratory papers, which reflect the lively debate currently ongoing within the CSCW field, focusing on work and enterprise and the challenges of involving various types of people like citizens, patients and software developers into collaborative settings. The blurring boundaries between home and work are explored and recent and emergent new technologies supporting collaborative work are introduced.

With contributions from all over the world, the chapters provide interesting perspectives, helping to focus the European perspective within the CSCW community. This collection will be of interest to researchers and practitioners alike as it combines an understanding of the nature of technology within both the workplace and wider society

Explores new CSCW research and theories into social collaborative technologies and work practices
From the Editors.- Papers.- Human Data Interaction: Historical Lessons from Social Studies and CSCW.- Mining Programming Activity to Promote Help.- "It's About Business not Politics": Software Development Between Palestinians and Israelis.- Social Media-Based Expertise Evidence.- Intertext: On Connecting Text in the Building Process.- Analyzing Collaborative Reflection Support: A Content Analysis Approach.- Keeping Distributed Care Together: Medical Summaries Reconsidered.- Constructing Awareness Through Speech, Gesture, Gaze and Movement During a Time-Critical Medical Task.- Online Social Networks and Police in India - Understanding the Perceptions, Behavior, Challenges.- The Work of Infrastructuring: A Study of a National eHealth Project- How Do User Groups Cope with Delay in Real-Time Collaborative Note Taking.- Configuring Attention in the Multiscreen Living Room.- Measures and tools for Supporting ICT Appropriation by Elderly and Non Tech-Savvy Persons in a Long-Term Perspective.- Exploratory Papers.- CSCW and the Internet of Things.- Ageing Well with CSCW.- Collaborative Visualization for Supporting the Analysis of Mobile Device Data.