Web Information Systems Engineering - WISE 2014 Workshops

15th International Workshops IWCSN 2014, Org2 2014, PCS 2014, and QUAT 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece, October 12-14, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
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9051, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI

This book constitutes the revised selected papers of the combined workshops on Web Information Systems Engineering, WISE 2014, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in October 2014. The 19 selected papers presented were carefully revised and report from the four workshops: computational social networks, IWCSN 2014, enterprise social networks, Org2 2014, personalization and context-awareness in cloud and service computing, PCS 2014, and data quality and trust in big data, QUAT 2014.
Semi-supervised Learning Algorithm for Binary Relevance Multilabel Classification.- On the Information Diffusion between Web-based Social Networks.- Generic Private Social Network for Knowledge Management.- Analysis of Event Logs: Behavioral Graphs.- Delineating Worker-Centered Organizational Work: Blending BPMS and Social Software Features.- Compliance of the LinkedIn Privacy Policy with the Principles of the ISO 29100:2011 Standard.- The Use of Social Tagging in Social Business Process Management SocIoS API: A Data Aggregator for Accessing User Generated Content from Online Social Networks.- Integrating Social Media and Open Data in a Cloud-based Platform for Public Sector Advertising.- A Survey on Approaches to Modeling Artifact-centric Business Processes.- A Connectivity-Based Recommendation Approach for Data Service Mashups.- Using Incentives to Analyze Social Web Services Behaviors Creating and Modelling Personal Socio-Economic Networks in On-Line Banking.- Cloud-based Video Monitoring Framework: An Approach based on Software-Defined Networking for Addressing Scalability Problems.- Context-awareness in Task Automation Services by Distributed Event Processing.- Data Streams Quality Evaluation for the Generation of Alarms in Health Domain.- Multilayer and Multi-agent Data Fusion in WSN.- Strategies for Data Quality Monitoring in Business Processes Quality Improvement Framework for Business Oriented Geo-Spatial Data.