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Social Anxiety and Phobia in Adolescents

Development, Manifestation and Intervention Strategies
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Klaus Ranta
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This volume brings together research into diverse aspects of social anxiety and its clinical form, social phobia, in adolescents. Development of the condition, clinical manifestations and treatment strategies are all addressed, with emphasis on ways in which adolescent development and context are reflected in the manifestation and treatment of symptoms. The book is divided into three parts that review epidemiological, neurobiological and sociopsychological research on vulnerability factors, examine the phenomenology and assessment of social anxiety and phobia in different developmental contexts and discuss evidence-based prevention and treatment options for adolescent social anxiety and phobia. Social Anxiety and Phobia in Adolescents will be informative and interesting for all child and adolescent psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists as well as for school psychologists and counsellors.

Background/Theoretical Accounts: The developmental psychopathology of social anxiety and phobia in adolescents.- Developmental Epidemiology of Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Adolescents.- Easier to Accelerate Than to Slow Down: Contributions of Developmental Neurobiology for the Understanding of Adolescent Social Anxiety.- Developmental Transitions in Adolescence and their Implications for Social Anxiety.- Recognition and Manifestations of Adolescent Social Anxiety and Phobia in Diverse Settings: Assessment of Social Anxiety in Adolescents.- Social Anxiety and the School Environment of Adolescents.- Social Anxiety and Romantic Relationships.- Adolescent Social Phobia in Clinical Services.- Cognition-focused Interventions for Social Anxiety Disorder Among Adolescents.- Interpersonal Approaches to Intervention: Implications for Preventing and Treating Social Anxiety in Adolescents.- School-based Interventions for Adolescents with Social Anxiety Disorder.- Social Skills-based Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder in Adolescents.- Pharmacotherapy for Adolescent Social Phobia.- Concluding Remarks.