Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems (IF&GIS’ 2015)

Deep Virtualization for Mobile GIS
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Vasily Popovich
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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography

These Workshop Proceedings reflect problems concerning advanced geo-information science with a special emphasis on deep virtualization for mobile GIS. They present papers from leading scientists engaged in research on environmental issues from a modeling, analysis, information processing and visualization perspective, as well as practitioners involved in GIS and GIS applications development. The proceedings examine in detail problems regarding scientific and technological innovations and deep virtualization for mobile GIS, its potential applications, and the monitoring, planning and simulation of urban systems with respect to economic trends as related to: Artificial intelligence; Knowledge-based GIS; Spatial ontologies in GIS; Positioning and analyzing moving information; Energy GIS; GIS data integration and modeling; Environmental management; Urban GIS; Transportation GIS; Underwater acoustics and GIS; GIS and real-time monitoring systems; GIS algorithms and computational issues; Data reliability and quality assurance for open data; Spatial and data quality; and lastly Open source GIS.
Describes the development of Geographic Information Systems with a specific focus on deep virtualization for mobile GIS
Design and Development of Personal Geo Services for Universities.- Spatial analysis of peasants migrations in Russia/USSR in the First Quarter of the 20th century.- RM-A Referenced Routing Model to generate a semantic service of navigation in mobile devices.- Semantic Trajectories: A Survey from Modeling to Application.- Semantic Recommender System for Touristic Context Based on Linked Data.- Detecting Clustering Scales with the Incremental K-Function: Comparison Tests on Actual and Simulated Geospatial Datasets.- Crowd Computing Framework for Geo information Tasks.- Dynamic Resources Management in Agile GIS.- Application of GIS Technologies in Historic and Ethnographic Research.- Geo information Systems for Maritime Radar Visibility Zone Modelling.