Police Services

Leadership and Management Perspectives
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Paresh Wankhade
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Progress in Coronary Sinus Interventions

Paresh Wankhade is the Professor of Leadership and Management at Edge Hill University Business School. A former civil servant specialising in indirect taxation, he is a founder Editor of International Journal of Emergency Services (an Emerald group Publication) and is recognised as an expert in the field of emergency management. His research and publications focus on analyses of strategic leadership, organisational culture, organisational change and interoperability within the public services with a special focus on emergency services. His publications have contributed to inform debates around interoperability of public services and challenges faced by individual organisations.

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, United Kingdom

David Weir is Visiting Professor at Edgehill University, and has held Chairs at several Universities including Glasgow, Bradford, Liverpool Hope, UCS and SKEMA in France. He has worked with several police forces and has published extensively on risk management and undertook a major study with the Police Federation on the work of police sergeants in the UK. He has supervised more than sixty PhD theses on aspects of management and has written several books and many journal articles.

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, United Kingdom

This volume provides fresh insights and management understanding of the changing role of policing against the backdrop of massive cuts in public expenditure experienced and the changing landscape of policing. The challenges of funding, training, online-crimes and cultural transformation are now felt globally. The need to learn and adapt from suitable models of police service delivery have never been greater. The book offers critical insights into the theory and practice of strategic and operational management of police services and the related professional and policy aspects. One of the highlight of this volume is to bring together scholarship using experts- academics, practitioners and professionals in the field, to each of the chosen topics. The chapters are based in the practical experiences of the authors and are written in a way that is accessible and suitable for a range of audiences. We are confident that this book will cater to a wider audience to inform policy and practice, both in the UK and internationally.

Sir Peter Fahy QPM, Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police

Policing across the world is facing an increasing complexity of demand and public expectation creating new challenges for leadership and management. The contributors to this work are among the leading thinkers in policing and present important new insights into both the past and the way forward. It will be welcomed by all those convinced that radical new approaches are required across the public services.

Bill Skelly, Deputy Chief Constable, Devon and Cornwall Police, UK

At times it feels that the focus on leadership in the police service is all about what went wrong; the negative influences of a tightly-knit culture; and the almost inevitable rise of the technocrat. It is refreshing to read a book that seeks new insights into the positive influences of police leadership and offers the prospect of a more emotionally aware and spiritually rich approach as to how those insights may be practically employed for the benefit of all in the police family and the communities we serve.
Authoritative guide to police services management
Introduction: Understanding the Management of Police Services.- Historical Perspective: British Policing and the Democratic Ideal.- Part 2- Context of Policing.- Quo Vadis: A New Direction for Police Leadership through Community Engagement?.- Initial police training and the development of police occupational culture.- Community Engagement, Democracy and Public Policy: a Practitioner Perspective.- Dealing with Diversity in Police Services.- Risk Management in Policing.- Perspectives on the Essence of Policing.- Part 3- Current debates in Policing.- Enhancing Police Accountability in England and Wales: What differences are Police and Crime Commissioners making?.- Police management and workforce reform in a period of austerity.- Personal Resilience and Policing.- Part 4- Looking to the Future.- Some Futures for the Police: Scenarios and Science.- The Future of Policing in the United Kingdom.- A Crisis or a Perfect Storm: the trouble with Public Policing?.- International Perspectives in Policing: Challenges for 2020.- International perspectives in policing: Challenges for 2020.