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Healthcare Needs of Diverse Populations
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Lenise Cummings-Vaughn
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This volume is divided into five parts and fifteen chapters that address these topics by examining ethnogeriatric foundations, research issues, clinical care in ethnogeriatrics, education and policy. Expertly written chapters, by practicing geriatricians, gerontologists, clinician researchers and clinician educators, present a systematic approach to recognizing, analyzing and addressing the challenges of meeting the healthcare needs of a diverse population and authors discuss ways in which to engage the community by increasing research participation and by investigating the most prevalent diseases found in ethnic minorities. 

Ethnogeriatrics discusses issues related to working with culturally diverse elders that tend not to be addressed in typical training curricula and is essential reading for geriatricians, hospitalists, advance practice nurses, social workers and others who are part of a multidisciplinary team that provides high quality care to older patients.

Part I: Ethnogeriatric Foundations.- Why Ethnogeriatrics is Important.- Theoretical Foundations.- Demographic Trends in Aging for Ethnogeriatrics.- Impact of Immigration: Disease Exposure and Health Maintenance.- Part II: Research Issues on Ethnogeriatrics.- Clinical and Translational Research.- Trial Participation and inclusion.- Measurement and Instrumentation.- Part III: Clinical Care in Ethnogeriatrics.- Health Disparities: Access and Utilization.- Epidemiology of Aging: Racial/Ethnic Specific Disease Prevalence.- Caregivers: Roles in Health Management.- Hospice/Palliative Care: Concepts of Disease and Dying.- Geriatric Psychiatry: Perceptions, Presentations and Treatments.- Part IV: Education in Ethnogeriatrics.- Incorporating Ethnogeriatrics into Training Competencies.- Assessments for the Practicing Clinicians: Practical Tools.- Part V: Policy and Economics.- Policy: Impact on Delivery and Access.- The Future of Ethnogeriatrics.