Inter-Regional Place Branding

Best Practices, Challenges and Solutions
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Sebastian Zenker
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This book examines and clarifies key aspects of regional branding with the special focus of inter-regional brands. Today regions are in strong competition for companies, tourists and most of all talent. In order to differentiate one region from another, regional developers, politicians and planners increasingly focus on establishing the region as a brand. This is by no means easy, since places are complex systems of geographical abstractions in which each place is understood in relation and contrast to other geographical entities. In doing so, regions not only differentiate, but also cooperate (within one country or between countries), building so-called Inter-Regional Brands with an even higher degree of complexity.

Accordingly this volume, provides a theoretically well informed but practically oriented overview of this phenomenon - including numerous cases and best practices. As such, it will strongly appeal to both academics and practitioners in the field.
Offers an interdisciplinary approach that also combines theory and practice
Inter-regional place branding and the role of so-called meta-brands.- The relationship between different levels of place for place branding.- A co-operative approach to local and regional development.- Factors Influencing the Choice of a Living Destination of a Highly Skilled Workforce.- Development of Methodology for Measuring the Residents Utility within the Place Marketing: Problem Statement.- Cross-border place branding: the perception of citizens.- Inter-regional place branding concepts: the role of amenity migration in promoting place- and people-centred development.- Best Practices of Cross-border Place Branding in Europe.- Reaching a "Critical Mass": Analysis of Inter-Regional Co-operation amongst Communities in Ontario, Canada.- Cross-border Place Branding: "Zooming in" the potential case of North of Portugal and Galicia.- One regional marketing project, two and a half regions - evaluating marketing activities of regions with respect to different stakeholder perspectives.- Challenges for Interregional Place Branding for Cruise Tourism in the Black Sea Region.