Climate Change Impacts on High-Altitude Ecosystems

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Munir Ozturk
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Prof. Munir Ozturk is a Consultant Fellow at the Faculty of Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has published more than 400 papers in national and international journals, more than 50 book chapters, and has edited more than 10 books with Springer and Cambridge Scholars. Dr. Khalid Rehman Hakeem is a post-doctorate research fellow at Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has edited and authored more than seven books, more than 20 research publications in peer-reviewed journals, and 10 book chapters.
This book covers studies on the systematics of plant taxa and will include general vegetational aspects and ecological characteristics of plant life at altitudes above 1000 m. from different parts of the world. This volume also addresses how upcoming climate change scenarios will impact high altitude plant life. It presents case studies from the most important mountainous areas like the Himalayas, Caucasus and South America covering the countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Kirghizia, Georgia, Russia,Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Americas. The book will serve as an invaluable resource source undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers.
Describes the diversity of plants that exist over one thousand meters above sea-level

Chapter 1- High Altitude Flora and Vegetation of Kazakhstan and Climate Change Impacts

L.A. Dimeyeva, G.T. Sitpayeva, B.M. Sultanova, K. Ussen, A.F. Islamgulova

Chapter 2- Status of Natural Resources in the Uplands of the Swat Valley, Pakistan

Habib Ahmad, Munir Ozturk, Waqar Ahmad and Shujaul Mulk Khan

Chapter 3- The high mountain flora and vegetation of the Western and Central Taurus Mts. (Turkey) in the times of climate change

Gerald Parolly

Chapter 4- Soil Carbon Reservoirs at High Altitude Ecosytems in the Andean Plateau

M. A. Munoz, A. Faz, A. R. Mermut

Chapter 5- Species Diversity and use patterns of the alpine flora with special reference to climate change in the Naran, Pakistan

Shujaul Mulk Khan, Habib Ahmad

Chapter 6- High Altitude Plants in Era of Climate Change, A Case of Nepal Himalayas

Anup K C, Ambika Ghimire

Chapter 7- Impact of climate change on mountain flora and vegetation in the Republic of Macedonia (central part of the Balkan Peninsula)

Andraz Carni, Vlado Matevski

Chapter 8- High Altitude Ecosystems in the Era of Climate Change

Lupinus species in Central Mexico in the Era of Climate Change: adaptation, migration or extinction?

Kalina Bermúdez Torres, Luc Legal, Maxime Ferval

Chapter 9- Mountainous Vegetation Of Central Black Sea Region

H.G.Kutbay,F.Karaer, A.Cansaran,H. Korkmaz, M. Kilinc, M.Aydogdu, A. Engin

Chapter 10- Impacts of climate change on Georgia's mountain ecosystems

Dali Nikolaishvili, Lia Matchavariani

Chapter 11- Highland vegetation of Inner and Eastern Anatolia and the Effects of Global Warming

Kurt, L., Ketenoglu, O., Tug G.N, Sekerciler, F.

Chapter 12- Climate Change Impact On High Altitude Ecosystems And Their Impact On Human Communities Case Study: San Bernardino Mountains And Urban Communities Interface -Historical, Contemporary And Future

Paul W. Bierman-Lytle

Chapter 13- Soil-Plant Interactions in the High Altitude Ecosystems: A Case Study from Kaz Dagi (Mount Ida)-Turkey

Ibrahim Ilker Ozyigit*, Zeki Severoglu, Recep Vatansever, Munir Ozturk

Chapter 14- Impact of Climatic Change on Flora of High Altitude of Pakistan

M. Azim Khan, Bakhtiar Gul, H. Khan

Chapter 15- Vegetation and Plant Diversity of high altitude mountains in Eastern Karadeniz Region of Turkey and Climate Change Interactions

Salih TERZIOGLU, Aydin Tüfekçioglu Mahir Küçük

Chapter 16- Climate Change Adaptation Strategies of Indonesian Forestry Sector

Cecep Kusmana, P.Yasmin Nurul Fajri

Chapter 17- The Floristic Characteristics of High Mountains of Amanos: a case study from Mount Migir, Turkey

Necattin Turkmen, Atabay Düzenli, Münir Öztürk

Chapter 18- Interdependence of Biodiversity, Applied Ethnobotany and Conservation in Higher Ecosystems of Northern Pakistan under Fast Climatic changes

Mushtaq Ahmad, Abida Bano, M. Zafar, S. Sultana, Sofia Rashid

Chapter 19- Changes in Tree Species Distribution along Altitudinal Gradients Of montane Forests in Malaysia

M. Nazip Suratman, Nur Hasmiza Abd. Hamid, Mohamad Danial Md Sabri, Mazlin Kusin, Shaikh Abdul Karim Yamani

Chapter 20- Vegetative Cover of the Russian Part of the Caucasus

Litvinskaya S., Murtasaliev

Chapter 21- The Effects of Climate Change on Avian Diversity in High Altitude Wetland Habitats

Muhammad Nawaz Rajpar and Mohamed Zakaria

Chapter 22- Flora and Growth at-Bashy Valleys, The Internal Tien-Shan of Kyrgyzstan, Due to Climatic Conditions and Altitude above Sea Level

Nazgul Imanberdieva

Chapter 23- Ecological Conditions And Vegetation Of Subalpine Zone Of Kaz Mountain (Mount Ida - NW Turkey)