Neogene Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy in Argentina

The Chaco-Paranense Basin and Península de Valdés
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Hugo Marengo
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SpringerBriefs in Earth System Sciences

During Hugo Marengo's years as degree student, several years of work in public and private laboratories have trained him in numerous techniques for chemical and physical analysis of hydrocarbons, rocks and minerals and techniques for petrographic and sedimentological studies. His Ph.D is on micropaleontology and stratigraphy of the Neogene Chacoparanense basin (NE Argentina). In SEGEMAR (Geological Survey of Argentina) his work has been devoted to regional (subsurface and surface) geology in various sectors of Mesopotamia and the Chacoparanense basin, focusing on the Neogene and Quaternary stratigraphy. Dr. Margengo's work in the province of Mendoza began in 2007, with the study of geological sheets in the Llancanelo area, dominated by Neogene and Quaternary volcanic rocks and sediments and projects in geological hazard in the Andean Corridor and the Environmental Baseline for the Malargüe region. In recent years his particular interests are neotectonic activity in the Litoral Region (NE Argentina), a subject on which is starting the direction of a PhD thesis. During the last few years he has participated in several projects on Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology and Mass Wasting processes.
This book gathers and updates the most significant advances of the last two centuries and presents an unprecedented micro paleontological study covering more than 20 stratigraphic sections. This information is supplemented by numerous sedimentological observations and analyses, on the basis of which a new lithostratigraphic framework for the Neogene of the Chacoparanense Basin is proposed.

The book is structured in an easy-to-read format: Its main section offers a comprehensive review of the current state of knowledge on transgressions in Argentina and similar transgressions in other South American countries, taking into account various key aspects (age, paleoenvironment, micropaleontology, etc.). Secondly, the book presents the main results on the TLP and TEP of the Chacoparanense Basin and the TEP of the Península de Valdés. Lastly, it provides readers with complete stratigraphic profiles (Appendix A), mineralogical analyses (Appendix B), distribution charts (Appendix C), systematics (Appendix D) and plates (Appendix E).
Maps and stratigraphic sections
Part I Introduction.- Nature of Work.- Area and Material of Study.- Metodology.- Background.- Part II Results and Discussion.- Chacoparanense Basin and North Margin of the Salado Basin.- Proposed Litostratigraphic Units.- Península de Valdés.- Part III Conclusion.