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Electrophysiology and Psychophysiology in Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

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Veena Kumari
21, Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences
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Psychophysiology is an ever expanding field. The application of psychophysiological investigations to psychiatric disorders is likewise expanding and has in fact shed much light on some of the neural processes contributing to the development of psychiatric symptoms and/or their amelioration following treatment. In the first part of this volume, we have selected a number of conditions where psychophysiological investigations have recently provided some insight into the pathophysiology of a particular manifestation (e.g., dissociation) or a disorder. Although this volume has a main focus on electrophysiological investigative modalities where neuroimaging was complimentary this added insight was included. The second part of the volume focuses on novel uses of psychophysiological measures, combining it with neuropsychology and imaging where possible, in the context of neuropsychiatric research and describes advanced analytical tools. Both basic and clinical investigators in this field should find the reviews and interpretations provided clear and informative. Clinicians will find this volume easy to assimilate. While direct clinical applications may be down the road, the insights provided should help the practicing clinicians to have firmer understanding of the complexity of the disorder they manage in everyday practice.

Preface.- Part 1. Psychophysiology in Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Their Treatment: Past, Present and Future .- Psychophysiology of dissociated consciousness . The Spectrum of Borderline Personality Disorder:  A Neurophysiological View. Physiological correlates of Bipolar Disorder and its treatment. Physiological correlates of positive symptoms in schizophrenia. Electrophysiological aberrations associated with negative symptoms in schizophrenia. Psychophysiology in the Study of Psychological Trauma:  Where are we now and where do we need to be? Physiological aberrations in Panic Disorder. Physiological Correlates of Psychopathy, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Habitual Aggression, and Violence. Physiological correlates of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Post-menopausal physiological change. Autism Spectrum Disorder:  Psychopharmacologic treatments and neurophysiologic underpinnings. Physiological correlates of insomnia.- Part 2. Psychophysiology Measurements and Analytical Tools: New Perspectives.- Neurophysiological and psychophysiological biomarkers informing the clinical neuroscience of schizophrenia:  Mismatch negativity event-related potential and prepulse inhibition of startle. Connectivity measurements for Network imaging. Nonlinear measures and dynamics in psychophysiology of consciousness. Personalized Medicine in ADHD and Depression: Use of PharmacoEEG. Psychophysiology-informed (multimodal) imaging.