Project Management and Engineering

Selected Papers from the 17th International AEIPRO Congress held in Logroño, Spain, in 2013
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José Luis Ayuso Muñoz
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Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering

Project Management and Engineering is an emergent area. Projects have a tendency to grow in size, involve more stakeholders, and be of greater environmental, organizational and technological complexity. They must also fulfil continuously increasing requirements. This causes greater demands on the effectiveness of Project Engineering and the efficiency of Project Management. This volume brings together a collection of recent work by researchers and professionals in the fields of project management and design in civil engineering, environmental engineering, energy efficiency, rural development, production and process engineering, industrial design and information technology and communication.
Provides latest research on project management and design
Preface.- Acknowledgments.- I. PROJECT MANAGEMENT.- An international analysis of project delivery systems for public works projects, by De Sande I, Jiménez-del-Barco A, Martínez G, Moreno B, Alegre F.J.- Exploring the Relations between Project Duration and Activity Duration, by Acebes F, Pajares J, Galán JM, López-Paredes A.- Adoption of Project Management practices and performance. Non Govern-mental Organisations of Navarre - Spain, by Montes-Guerra M, De-Miguel A.R, Gimena F.N, Pérez-Ezcurdia A, Díez-Silva H.M.- Quick planning using "S" curves and cost based durations, by Valderrama F, Guadalupe R.- Engineering projects assessment using Earned Value Management with performance indexes evaluation and statistical methods, by Rubio J, Muñoz J.I, Otegi J.R.- Tool based on AHP and its application in the RURENER Local Actions Plan Evaluation, by Paneque A, Aragonés P, Martínez-Almela J.- II. CIVIL ENGINEERING, URBAN PLANNING, BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURE .- Comparative analysis of calculation of buildings drainage systems, by Arrué R, Romero A.M, Cárcel A.C.- Innovative modular building manufactured using structural black poplar plywood panels, by Alía-Martínez J, Fernández-Ceniceros J, Antoñanzas J, Fraile-García E, Urraca-Valle R.- III. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.- Multicriteria decision making methodologies applied to the selection of best available techniques in the ceramic industry: equalitarian vs. prioritised weighting, by Ibáñez-Forés V, Aragonés P, Bovea MD.- LABWASTE.12: Calculation tool for the design of solid waste landfills with inert waste recovery, by Esteban J, Colomer F, Carlos M, Gallardo A.- Synergy as strategy for the energetic valorisation of waste focused in transport, by Álvarez J.V, Luiña R, Ortega F, Lobo P.- Design of an SRF from refuse from a municipal waste treatment plant, by Gallardo A, Gómez A.M, Colomer F.J, Edo N, Pascual P.- Local analysis of the characteristics and frequency of extreme droughts in Málaga using the SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index), by Ayuso J.L, Ayuso-Ruiz P, García A, Estévez J, Taguas E.V.- IV. ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY.- Decision Support System software integrating Geographic Information Systems and Soft Computing to solve optimal location problems of renewable energy plants, by Sánchez Lozano J.M, Jiménez-Pérez J.A, García-Cascales S, Lamata M.T.- Downscaling of solar irradiation from satellite estimates, by Antonanzas-Torres F, Antonanzas J, Martínez-de-Pisón F. J, Alía-Martínez M, Perpiñán-Lamigueiro O.- Self energy production by a floating photovoltaic system covers for irrigation reservoirs, by Redón-Santafé M, Ferrer-Gisbert C.M, Ferrán-González J, Torregrosa-Soler J.B, Sánchez-Romero F.J, Ferrer-Gisbert P.S, Pons-Puig E.- V. RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION PROJECTS.- Leadership development in rural development projects: a case study in an Aymara women organization in Puno (Peru), by Sastre S.- VI. PRODUCTION PROCESS ENGINEERING.- On-line Soft Sensor based on Regression Models and Feature Selection Techniques for Predicting Rubber Properties in Mixture Processes, by Sudope-Ortega E, Urraca-Valle R, Antonanzas J, Alia-Martinez M, Sanz-Garcia A, Martínez de Pisón FJ.- VII. PRODUCT ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN.- Segregation of a binary granular mixture in a feed shoe of a single punch press using DEM, by Martínez-Martínez L, Sainz-García E, Muro-Hernández J, Alba-Elías F, González-Marcos A.- VIII. IT AND COMMUNICATIONS. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.- Use of Wireless Sensor Network to control landslides interacting with infra-structures, by Combarros Hernandez G, Garcia-Garijo A, Antonanzas-Torres F, Alonso-Garcia E, Fernandez-Martinez R.- Evaluation of clustering configurations for object retrieval using SIFT features, Fernández-Robles L, Castejón-Limas M, Alfonso-Cedón J, Alegre E.- A novel architecture for recognising symbols in a CAD environment, by Fernández-Pac