Managing Business Integrity

Prevent, Detect, and Investigate White-collar Crime and Corruption, Originaltitel:Erfolgsfaktor Integrität - Wirtschaftskriminalität erkennen, aufklären, verhindern
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Stefan Heissner
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Management for Professionals

Dr. Stefan Heissner is head of the highly specialized division "Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services" (FIDS) at EY, the global professional services firm, as the Managing Partner responsible for Central Europe and the CIS countries. Before being engaged for the last 15 years in the field of forensic auditing, Dr. Heissner also worked for the police force for 15 years - most recently holding the rank of Detective Superintendent. Heissner is an internationally renowned expert in the fields of criminalistics and compliance, as well as being the author of numerous specialist papers and a popular guest speaker.
This book deals with the highly complex but exciting subject of corporate fraud and corruption, which has since become the cops and robbers game of the 21st century: accounting fraud, embezzlement, bribery and many other forms of corruption and non-compliance cause turmoil between board members, supervisory board members and managers, while economic crime and corruption cause damages amounting to billions every year. When cases of misconduct and non-compliance become public knowledge, additional loss of reputation is the result, the consequences of which aren't even quantifiable for the companies concerned.

Written by one of the most accomplished corruption and compliance experts, Dr. Stefan Heissner, this book provides comprehensive information on the controversial aspects of combating fraud and corruption from their beginnings. It also offers amazing insights into current practices in the war on fraud and corruption - including some stunning findings.
Uniquely high comprehensibility and tangibility of a very complex, but exciting, subject
Drivers and Trends.- Perpetrators and Offences.- Forensics.- Systems for Combating Criminality.- A Look Ahead to the Future.