Meteorological Tsunamis: The U.S. East Coast and Other Coastal Regions

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Ivica Vilibic
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The book encompasses a set of papers on meteorological tsunamis covering various aspects on this rare but potentially destructive multiresonant phenomenon. Altogether an editorial and 15 contributions are part of this book; eight of the contributions deal with different aspects of meteotsunamis along the U.S. East Coast and in the region of the Great Lakes, including one paper introducing a new methodology in meteotsunami research. Seven more papers are documenting meteotsunamis in various coastal areas of the world oceans. All continents, except Antarctica, have been covered, with the authors representing 11 countries.

Previously Published in Natural Hazards, Volume 74, No. 1, 2014
Editorial: Meteorological tsunamis on the US East Coast and in other regions of the World Ocean
I. Vilibi · S. Monserrat · A.B. Rabinovich

Meteotsunami forecasting: sensitivities demonstrated by the 2008 Boothbay, Maine, event
P. Whitmore · B. Knight

Atmospheric processes responsible for generation of the 2008 Boothbay meteotsunami
I. Vilibi · K. Horvath · N. Strelec Mahovi · S. Monserrat · M. Marcos · Á. Amores · I. Fine

Atmospheric mesoscale conditions during the Boothbay meteotsunami: a numerical sensitivity study using a high-resolution mesoscale model
K. Horvath · I. Vilibi

Meteotsunami in the Great Lakes and on the Atlantic coast of the United States generated by the derecho of June 29 30, 2012
J. epi · A.B. Rabinovich

High-frequency radar observations of the June 2013 US East Coast meteotsunami
B. Lipa · H. Parikh · D. Barrick · H. Roarty · S. Glenn

A framework for the probabilistic analysis of meteotsunamis
E.L. Geist · U.S. ten Brink · M. Gove

Tidal infl uence on high frequency harbor oscillations in a narrow entrance bay
S. Monserrat · I. Fine · A. Amores · M. Marcos

The Lake Michigan meteotsunamis of 1954 revisited
A.J. Bechle · C.H. Wu

Sea level surges of June 2011 in the NE Atlantic Ocean: observations and possible interpretation
A. Frère · C. Daubord · A. Gailler · H. Hébert

Recent observations of meteotsunamis on the Finnish coast
H. Pellikka · J. Rauhala · K.K. Kahma · T. Stipa · H. Boman · A. Kangas

Assessing meteotsunami potential of high-frequency air pressure oscillations observed in the middle Adriatic
I. Vilibi · H. Mihanovi · F. Charrayre

Abiki oscillations in Sakitsu Bay, west Kyushu, Japan
K. Tanaka · S. Gohara · T. Koga · R. Yamaguchi · F. Yamada

The Dwarskersbos, South Africa local tsunami of August 27, 1969: field survey and simulation as a meteorological event
E.A. Okal · J.N.J. Visser · C.H. de Beer

Simultaneous meteorological tsunamis and storm surges at Buenos Aires coast, southeastern South America
W.C. Dragani · E.E. D Onofrio · F. Oreiro · G. Alonso · M. Fiore · W. Grismeyer

Observations of meteorological tsunamis along the south-west Australian coast
C. Pattiaratchi · E.M.S. Wijeratne