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Autor: Angelo Genovese
ISBN-13: 9783319103648
Einband: Book
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Touchless Palmprint Recognition Systems

Advances in Information Security
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This book examines the context, motivation and current status of biometric systems based on the palmprint, with a specific focus on touchless and less-constrained systems. It covers new technologies in this rapidly evolving field and is one of the first comprehensive books on palmprint recognition systems.It discusses the research literature and the most relevant industrial applications of palmprint biometrics, including the low-cost solutions based on webcams. The steps of biometric recognition are described in detail, including acquisition setups, algorithms, and evaluation procedures. Constraints and limitations of current palmprint recognition systems are analyzed and discussed.
The authors also introduce innovative methods for touchless and less-constrained palmprint recognition, with the aim to make palmprint biometrics easier to use in practical, daily-life applications, and overcome the typical constraints and limitations described.
Touchless Palmprint Recognition Systems targets professionals and researchers working in biometrics, image processing and three-dimensional reconstruction. Advanced-level students studying biometrics and computer science will also find this material valuable as a secondary text book or reference.
Includes case studies, applications and examples
Introduction.- Biometric systems.- Touchless and less-constrained biometric systems.- Palmprint biometrics.- Innovative methods for touchless and less-constrained palmprint recognition.- Application and experimental evaluation of methods.- Conclusions.

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Autor: Angelo Genovese
ISBN-13 :: 9783319103648
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Gewicht: 500g
Seiten: 226
Sprache: Englisch
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