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Autor: Mohamed Al-Rubeai
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Animal Cell Culture

9, Cell Engineering
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Animal cells are the preferred "cell factories" for the production of complex molecules and antibodies for use as prophylactics, therapeutics or diagnostics. Animal cells are required for the correct post-translational processing (including glycosylation) of biopharmaceutical protein products. They are used for the production of viral vectors for gene therapy. Major targets for this therapy include cancer, HIV, arthritis, cardiovascular and CNS diseases and cystic fibrosis. Animal cells are used as in vitro substrates in pharmacological and toxicological studies. This book is designed to serve as a comprehensive review of animal cell culture, covering the current status of both research and applications. For the student or R&D scientist or new researcher the protocols are central to the performance of cell culture work, yet a broad understanding is essential for translation of laboratory findings into the industrial production. Within the broad scope of the book, each topic is reviewed authoritatively by experts in the field to produce state-of-the-art collection of current research. A major reference volume on cell culture research and how it impacts on production of biopharmaceutical proteins worldwide, the book is essential reading for everyone working in cell culture and is a recommended volume for all biotechnology libraries.
This is a book designed specifically to provide powerful research opportunities for those interested in perusing work in large scale production of stem cells for clinical application
Chapter 1: Cell line development

Hansjoerg Hauser

Chapter 2: Transient recombinant protein expression in mammalian cells

Volker Jäger, Konrad Büssow, Thomas Schirrmann

Chapter 3: Hybridoma technology for the in vitro production of therapeutic antibodies

Susan McDonnell

Chapter 4: Bioreactors for mammalian cells

R. Pörtner

Chapter 5: Mass Transfer and Mixing Across the Scales in Animal Cell Culture

Alvin W Nienow

Chapter 6: Hydrodynamic Damage to Animal Cells

Jeffrey J Chalmers and Ningning Ma

Chapter 7: Monitoring of cell culture

Sebastian Schwamb, Robert Puskeiler, Philipp Wiedemann

Chapter 8: Serum and protein free media

Michael Butler

Chapter 9: Glycosylation in Cell Culture

Maureen Spearman and Michael Butler

Chapter 10: Modelling of mammalian cell cultures

Nishikant P. Shirsat, Niall J. English, Brian Glennon and Mohamed Al-Rubeai

Chapter 11: Mammalian Cell Line Selection Strategies for High-Producers

Darrin Kuystermans and Mohamed Al-Rubeai

Chapter 12: Building a Cell Culture Process with Stable Foundations: Searching for Certainty in an Uncertain World

Peter M O Callaghan and Andrew J Racher

Chapter 13: Perfusion Processes

Veronique Chotteau

Chapter 14 : Single-use bioreactors for animal and human cells

Stephan C. Kaiser, Matthias Kraume, Dieter Eibl, and Regine Eibl

Chapter 15 : An Overview of Cell Culture Engineering for the Insect Cell-Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS)

Laura A. Palomares, Mauricio Realpe and Octavio T. Ramirez

Chapter 16 : Metabolic flux analysis: a powerful tool in animal cell culture

João V. Sá, Tiago M. Duarte, Manuel J. T. Carrondo, Paula M. Alves, Ana P. Teixeira

Chapter 17 : Cell immobilization for the production of viral vaccines

Ana Carina Silva, António Roldão, Ana Teixeira, Paulo Fernandes, Marcos F.Q. Sousa, Paula M. Alves

Chapter 18 : Cell Engineering for Therapeutic Protein Production

Eric Baek, Che Lin Kim, Jin Hyoung Park, and Gyun Min Lee

Chapter 19 : Proteomics in Cell Culture: From genomics to combined omics for cell line engineering and bioprocess development

Kelley Heffner, Christian Kaas, Amit Kumar, Deniz Baycin-Hizal, Michael Betenbaugh

Chapter 20 : Metabolomics in animal cell culture

Miroslava uperlovi -Culf

Chapter 21 : Process Analytical Technology and Quality-by-Design for Animal Cell Culture

Stephen Craven and Jessica Whelan

Chapter 22 : Biosafety recommendations on the handling of animal cell cultures

Philippe Herman and Katia Pauwels

Chapter 23 : Biopharmaceutical products from animal cell culture

Darrin Kuystermans and Mohamed Al-Rubeai


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Autor: Mohamed Al-Rubeai
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